Best Songs On Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy


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1 No Quarter

This One will always be my favorite from Houses Of The Holy. - Beatlesboy9

And this is why I love John Paul Jones. - galaxyfox

My favorite led Zeppelin song

Agreed over the hills is a amazing song but nonthing compared to this

2 Over the Hills and Far Away

1. Over the Hills
2. The Rain Song
3. No Quarter
4. The Ocean
5. The Song Remains The Same
6. Dancing Days
7. D'yer Ma'ker
8. The Crunge

Every song is gold. Including the crunge

1 Over The Hills And Far Away
2 The Song Remains The Same
3 The Ocean
4 The Rain Song
5 D'yer Mak'er
6 No Quarter
7 Dancing Days
8 The Crunge
In my opinion...all classics except maybe The Crunge - ert1timm

3 The Ocean

Great riffs and lyrics, and of course amazing vocals.

4 The Song Remains the Same
5 The Rain Song

Underrated song and album
8. The Crunge
7. Dancing Days
6. Dyer Maker
5. The Ocean
4. Rain Song
3. The Song That Remains The Same
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
1. No Quarter


Why this song is so low? definitely my favourite on this album. after that no quarter and over the hills and far away. - malamJONES

6 D'yer Mak'er

More reggae I first heard this and thought it was something like bob marley.

Very underrated song.

7 Dancing Days

I've heard this song be dismissed as filler... unreal! This song rocks! Not a top 3, but still great!

8 The Crunge

I'm sorry, Led Zeppelin, are you guys James Brown? No, you're not. You're Led Zeppelin. A hard rock band, not a funk rock band. What is this mess? I know it's a joke of a song, but still. I also know it's experimental, but if you're going to experiment with funk, can you at least make it worth listening to? - Metarock

This song should be called "The Cringe" since that's what this song makes me do is Cringe it's a bad song - christangrant

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1. The Song Remains the Same
2. Over the Hills and Far Away
3. No Quarter
1. Over the Hills and Far Away
2. The Ocean
3. No Quarter
1. No Quarter
2. Over the Hills and Far Away
3. The Ocean

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