Top Ten Songs on Liholesie's Primeval Rotation

Well, it took me over two years to make a music-related list (those mario music lists don't count), whereas for pretty much everyone else music is the dominating type of lists found. Yeah the taste in lists varies a lot. However it mostly has to do with the fact, that I'm not the biggest fan of music. However there is one musician, that I really am a big fan of. It's Liholesie. Liholesie is a russian music composer known for making a lot of calm and relaxing songs with no lyrics. Yeah he's not really a known music artist. However, his music is spendid. Back when I was a kid, there was an album of his: "Primeval Rotation" in which we used to listen to a lot to in the car when we were maybe going somewhere, and this was especially the trend during 2008-2010, years when I went to daycare and then that one awesome lithuania trip. Aah, the old times. I feel very nostalgic for these songs. So, why not ranking the soundtracks in this album? With that being said, here's the list.

The Top Ten Songs on Liholesie's Primeval Rotation

1 The Ways

The fourth song in this album, called "The Ways" is in my opinion the best one in the album. I mean this is not only catchy, but sounds so meaningful and unique. It's not really that much of a calm and relaxing song like the rest of the songs (excluding The Holiday), but it's not something super chaotic either. It's a perfect mix of both. It gets chaotic at times but another second it's super soothing and calm. On top of that it has a bit of an adventurous early summer vibe as well that kinda resembles an adventure in the mountains in the summer, I mea nit's quite fitting and awesome. All the verses, everything in this song is just catchy, mostly thanks to that string instrument in the beginning. It's one of, if not, the most adventurous song in the album. I just had to have this song at first place. - darthvadern

2 Primeval Rotation

Primeval Rotation, yeah it has the same title as the album itself. Might not seem too original. Don't get fooled, because it's one of the best songs in the game. Unlike "The Ways", this fifth song is the definition of super calm, yet exciting. Imagine as if you were roaming through the plains in a warm july night maybe looking for something or just relaxing, yeah that's what this song kinda resembles and it's great. It's the one of the longest song in the album at seven minutes exactly and it's the most unique one as well. There are many different phases in this song, there's first the intro, then the pre-chorus, and there's the chorus with the awesome whistles, which is my favourite phase of the song, then a bit of a calm verse comes, then back to chorus, but this time with the outro song in the background, and then outro, then the song ends. All in seven minutes and it's just excellent, it's exciting and soothing. The piano-like instrument really helps giving this a calm vibe. - darthvadern

3 Snow Realm

The twelfth and final song of the album, it's also the shortest one. However it's one of the most beautiful songs of the album as well. Imagine it's the last day of the year and you're looking out of the window and it snows, oh and it's evening as well. Yeah that's what this song is. It's beautiful and touching. After all the chaos from the eleventh song "the holiday" you really need this beautiful and gorgeous song to listen. I mean it really is beautiful. - darthvadern

4 Early Storms

The third song, Early Storms seems to be a fan-favourite for many from what I've seen. I can't complain. It's easly the calmest and most soothing song of the entire album. It's a rainy night in April, there's a lot of storms, but you are inside and can look at the rain in the night while having it warm and nice inside, yeah, that's this song. I mean there are even rain sound effects and storm sounds in the song itself and it really helps it give a nice and calm vibe. It's beautiful. The song itself kinda resembles Primeval Rotation as a lot of the sound effects are found in that song as well. Not complaining though - darthvadern

5 In the Boundless Expanses of Russia

This song is adventurous, yet beautiful and exciting. Basically imagine that it's maybe sometime in April and the snow from the winters have finally melted away and it's getting warmer so you can finally go out in the nature without using winter clothes and maybe go adventuring in the woods or something like that. Yeah this song fits that scenario quite well. It's such an adventurous and happy theme that deserve a mention on this list in my opinion. It really fits as the second song in the album considering the first song is showing that spring is coming and this is where it really is spring. - darthvadern

6 In Remembrance of Autumn

We're already jumping from spring to autumn on this list. Yeah. Of the only two autumn songs, this one and the eighth one, "Yellow Leaves Dance", this seventh song, "In Remembrance on Autumn" is slightly better. It's not the shortest song in the game however it certainly feels quite short. This song could be imagined in a scenario like the first leaves have started to fall from the trees and it's getting cooler and you're maybe going and hiking in the cool temperature, it fits. However there's another scenario I have from my childhood. Back in 2010 when I was in Lithuania with my family (Aah, awesome times) and we were going to the shop and stuff, and my gramma was buying some stuff, we the rest of the family waited in the car, and it rained tons to the point it rained cats and dogs and it was quite exciting. Now why do I accosiate this song with that one time. Simple, I listened to this very song back then. Good times, nostalgia is hitting me. - darthvadern

7 The Frost

Yeah it's the tenth song in the game and even though the rest of the songs in this album go well chronologically, this song sounds more like January even though the two songs after are more December-esque. Anyways that doesn't mean it's a bad song of course. I love it. Now yes, if you're a kid and stuff, this is generally the most forgettable song on the entire album, however it's beautiful still. It's one of the most beautiful songs here. Now yeah, imagining this song, it's like in the middle of January, it doesn't snow, but there's snow everywhere, so much frost and it's freezing cold, however it's still exciting and you're like looking for something in the freezing cold, yeah kinda that's what this song sounds like. I mean after all that storm in the ninth song where it snowed a lot it needs to be calmer in the next song. Dang I love how well the songs go chronologically, even though I said this song feels more like a January song, it fits in early December as well, I mean December ...more - darthvadern

8 North Spring

And yes, I would not forget the very first song of the game, North Spring. It's obviously excellent. It gives a true sense of that spring is now coming, the winter is over, and a new year is coming and lots of new things to do. It gives such a happy and adventurous vibe. At seven minutes and twentyfive seconds kinda, this is the longest song in the game and I don't complain. There's a lot to do in a year and you must think of what you are going to do, it's such a relaxing yet exciting song because a new year is in front of you meaning lots of new things to do. - darthvadern

9 Yellow Leaves Dance

It's in the middle of Autumn, like October, the leaves have fallen from the trees, it's in the night, then just read the title of the song and you see what happens next, yellow leaves dance after that during the night. I mean it really fits as well. My mom thinks this is the best song of the album, and while I don't think it's as good as the rest, it's still awesome. This song really resembles a scenario in the middle of forests and the leaves that have fallen dance togheter. Yeah and it's one of the catchiest songs in the album so there's that as well, it just fits so well. - darthvadern

10 Winter Comes on Russian Land

Imagine the yellow leaves have now stopped dancing. It's getting colder and colder, you're approaching late November, storms arrive with loads of snow, but storms first, and later the snow arrives. It's a hard time, very cold, a new era is coming. Yeah that's this ninth song in a nutshell. The very best part of this song has got to be the intro, the wind makes up for such a great intro. Funny enough both this and the first song of the album use this wind as an intro, although this one's intro goes on for much longer and starts earlier than in the first song of the album. However that's the only really awesome part. Yeah there's that one part in the middle played twice which is exciting, but eh, overall this song is not really that good compared to the rest. I appreciate the cold and windy athmosphere though. - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Liholesie

This is the definition of a true and nice and calm summer time song. As the sixth song of the game, this is a song that I could imagine in a late August evening being outside and just relaxing and listening to the birds, yeah it's beautiful. Now I'm not the biggest fan of the song due to it being a bit repetitive and stuff, also why is the song having the same name as the composer himself? Eh, anyway. It's such a nice and calm song nevertheless. - darthvadern

12 The Holiday

The only song I don't like, although I used to love it. Basically it's called "The Holiday" but the song is just a giant mess with a bunch of chaos which is why "The Doomsday" would be a more fitting title for this song. It's the most chaotic song in the album and it just gets quite annoying after a while. I guess it's symbolizing the chaos and all the stuff you need to hurry for christmas and stuff, which is cool, and it has redeeming qualities but to the point this is my least favourite song of the album which makes me place it last as a result. Never liked the Black Friday stories to begin with. - darthvadern

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