Best Songs On Linkin Park's The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party is the sixth studio album by Linkin Park, released in 2014.

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1 Final Masquerade


One of the slowest songs but definitely one of the best and most memorable moments on the whole album - johns1210

I LOVE this song! Sure, it's a bit slower than some of the others, but if you listen to the lyrics, it surely is meaningful

I really don't know how this isnmt number 1. It's slow but it's a beautiful song. Great lyrics. Very catchy. Excellent vocal. It's a masterpiece

2 A Line In The Sand

Thank god A Line In The Sand isn't rated lower. People need to understand how awesome this master piece is. The change of style within the song is just unbelievably. Come on soldiers, rate it higher! It deserves to be the number one song.

By far the best of the album, but people seem to have something against long songs :/ It is a beautiful, aggressive, exciting music... A masterpiece like this doesn't come every day, to valorize please

This is their heaviest in the past decade

A Line In The Sand is the best of The Hunting Party. Its heavy and ten thousand times better than the Guilty. Chester sounds like it is 2000! And also the music for sure. My second favourite of Hunting Party is Final Masquarade and then Keys to the KIngdom!

All For Nothing's good too!

3 Guilty All the Same

Everything in this song is great except the one with tom morello in it

Should be more higher is such a good song

A very good song!

Make it #1 fast

A beast!

4 Rebellion

The guitar riffs are so awesome and the combination of Chester and Mike singing is great. Rebellion!

I don't think this should be number 1 at all!, this should be something like number 4 or 5. A line in the and should be the gem of the album. But this song is a "fortunate one"!

Most individual on the album. Most memorable on the album. One of the Best on the album. - EvilAngel

Love this one... Best one in Hunting party

5 Keys to the Kingdom

This album was great. I personally think that Keys to the Kingdom is the best with A Line in the Sand. All the songs are great but those were the songs with the most energy & emotion in my opinion. - ShadowFuture

Keys to the Kingdom is best song on this album. Amazing intro, amazing screams, amazing rap and amazing guitar solos. Perfect song. Also this song is most aggressive song on THP. This is all I need

Best metal song of 2014

Honestly the only songs that I like from this album is war and keys to the kingdom. All the others don't sound good to me. They are too slow. And I wish they made songs like the old ones from Hybrid Theory. :(

6 Until It's Gone

Should be 2 or 3

It is one of best Hunting Party songs! Why it is 6 it should 2.What is wrong with you!

The beginning intro part is just like the old intro parts. What I'm saying is that this song is similar to breaking the habit, easier to run and a place for my head

It took awhile to kick in, but once it does, it's epic. Chester's Vocals are So Powerful. A Great & Addictive song ( once it kicks in)

7 All for Nothing

Okay. I love the whole song. But why did Mike and Chester switch? Chester became the backup Vocals for this. Even though Page Hamilton is Old. Still got a good voice.

This is their best song along with keys to the kingdom in this album! - Dead-Beat

What this is by far the best song on the album. Put this on 1

8 Wastelands

This song is such a great and moving one and make you feel like a wild lion, just listen and enjoy it, in my point of view it is the best song in this album.

Listen to the preview it will be more awesome then until its gone and GATS - ABD33

This is a beast! Wow Mike is awesome. Similar to with you

It's best to me

9 War

Well this is a good song!

My favorite from this album...

This is the best I think... NOT THE WORST!

Epic song, should be a lot higher...

10 Mark the Graves

I love this song. - Camaro6

This Song along with A Line in the Sand shared a trait from A Thousand Suns which was Experimentations. Chester shows his vocal talent where he goes from Angelic Soft Voice to Demonic Loud Screams and TWO not one but TWO guitar solos by Brad Delson make it for an Creative Approach at Aggressiveness. Every Song on this album is awesome except Summoning which was just a filler.

For some reason when I listen to this song, it feels like I'm listening to Minutes to Midnight's "No More Sorrow", CREEPY!

This song is really cool. Chester voice is better in this song than any other on this album

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11 Drawbar

What a missed opportunity right? They team up with guitar legend, Tom morello, and they come up with the worst instrumental I've ever heard from linkin park. Not a solo or even a power chord from Tom! Just a slow, soft and repetitive strum. A HUGE dissappointment

12 The Summoning
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1. Wastelands
2. Rebellion
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