Best Songs From Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory


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1 In the End

It Starts With One Thing I Don't Know Why Doesn't Even Matter How Hard You Try

It's The Best RapRock Song Ever&Best Nu-Metal Song&Best Alternative Rock Song EVER!

GO Ahead Linkin Park

It is THE best song of linkin park...go ahead and listen it

It's not even close, but don't get me wrong. I listen to linkin park everyday and have memorized probably thirty of their songs... And like all of them, so I can say WITH CONFIDENCE that "In the End" is the best song on Hybrid Theory! Numb is still their best overall song though

Music video's visual effects are pretty low-quality, but the song's amazing

The low quality visuals once were amazing, and they still aren't bad to be honest. - Johnalove

2 One Step Closer

There is only one word I can say. ROCKING please if you listen to this song once you will love it, if you listen to it twice you'll get ADDICTED to it! ROCK ON LP

Very edgy, but a good song. - Userguy44

This song is the best THE BEST! SHUT UP WHEN I'm TALKING TO YOU! Not only that it was there first ever single and ( in my opion ) like the best

Papercut Is Awesome But SHOULD NOT Be on no 3 and this song should be on at least no 2

3 Papercut

My order goes like this
1. Papercut
2. Points of authority
3. Crawling
4. Forgotten
5. By myself
6. Pushing me away
7. A place for my head
8. In the end
9. Runaway
10. With you
11. One step closer
12. Cure for the itch

Easily that is their best song always. - 05yusuf09

Best song. A place for my head is a close second. Rankings:
1. Papercut
2. a place for my head
3. high voltage
4. points of authority
5. Runaway
6. One step closer
7. Forgotten
8. Crawling
9. by myself
10. pushing me away
11. with you
12. a cure for the itch
13. My december
Best album EVER

Better than angst-fest Crawling, One Step Closer, and In the End by far. No cringeworthy, teenage lyrics here. Just awesomeness. The buried synths and strings samples only make this song better in the outro. Look up Papercut live at Smoke Out to hear the samples brought out.

4 Crawling

The best song only behind, In the end.

This song has sooo many meaningful lyrics. It is so heart felt and deserves to be top 3.

This is one of the best Linkin Park songs. It's really versatile, combines the best of the band, everyone does their best and it's got a whole lot of energy.

Second best track of the album after in the end I think with you should be at 3 and with you should be at 4

5 Points of Authority

Why is Points of Authority down at 6th place? This song deserves more respect. Yeah, sure In The End, One Step Closer, Papercut and Crawling are good, but Points of Authority is also good and its staying as my favorite.

To be honest I love all of the songs on this record but with this song Linkin Park put out a master piece that deserves to be rated higher than place 5. On the other hand side I'm very sure A Place For My Head deserves to be rated higher too because it's just awesome!

The very first Linkin Park song I heard as a kid, feel its great.

Points of Authority has some of the most meaningful lyrics on the entire album. Not to mention the mix of rapping and singing on this song is the best on the whole album!

6 A Place for My Head

One of the heaviest Linkin Park songs ever! I miss Chester

Better than many songs such as With You and Pushing ME Away as this song has a great emotional meaning to it.

It also is very very heavy!

It's the best Linkin Park's nu metal song. - Matraka

This is a somewhat underrated song, but one of their best.

7 Pushing Me Away

This song is really touching... You have to understand linkin park to like it, its got so much depth in it, the soul touching moment when chester sings, the mind boggling moment when mike raps... PERFECTO!

How cannot this song be on #1?
This song is so powerful, not only in terms of lyrics, but also in terms of instrumentation (the guitar, the mixing, etc... ).
Brilliant work, LP!

The best song on the album, and the live piano solo is amazing too.

We're all out of time. This is how we find how it all unwinds. Just Wow.

8 With You

Just awesome. With "In the End" and "Papercut" it is the ultimate song, that made me listen to Linkin Park.

BEST SONG I've EVER HEARD FROM LINKIN PARK GO ON ITS THE MOST powerful SONG FROM LINKIN PARK! Okay that song isn't Mainstream but I think it should be in the top 5 that songs makes me to buy other stuff from Linkin Park

Brilliant examble of a real Nu-metal song. Really defines linkin park for who they are, and this song certainly stands out from the rest of the album, along with papercut, pushing me away, one step closer and a place for my head.

This song, I find is super underrated. The great DJ and guitar at the beginning is just amazing. I find myself relating to the lyrics of this song, especially the chorus. Definitely worth checking out.

9 Forgotten

Such an underrated song. In my opinion, it's their best song EVER!

This song has a fitting title. It's a great song by Linkin Park that always seems to be forgotten by fans. This should be higher in my opinion.

Best music of album.

Seems forgotten has be forgotten lol I'll leave

10 Runaway

This song is great. It's like the regular Linkin Park that I love. This song definitely be in the top 5. Just if you listen... It's good

I love the crazy ending. I'm gonna run away and OPEN UP MY MIND! MIND! MIND!

Totally underrated. This one's a total head banger!

What! 11th? This is one of the best off the album! Only one I didn't like off the album was pushing me away. Even cure for the itch I actually loved.

The Contenders

11 By Myself

This is my LP favorite song ever, why so low?

1 - By Myself
2 - A Place for my Head
3 - In the End
4 - Crawling
5 - Points of Authority
6 - Pushing me Away
7 - With You
8 - Forgotten
9 - One Step Closer
10 - Papercut
11 - Runaway
12 - Cure for the Itch (only bad song)

The combination of rapping and screaming is insane! - Userguy44

This is a great song! - awesomedp900

I can't believe this song is this low. The screams with the rapping is amazing

12 High Voltage

Looks like no one listens to the special edition of Hybrid Theory.
Not the best song on the album but still better than most of the songs. Mike's Rap is amazing!

This is rediculous. This is and nobodys listening are mikes best raps.

13 My December

My December is a bonus track for Hybrid Theory along with High Voltage, High Voltage is included in the list but My December isn't yet, please include My December - EvilAngel

12? Are you serious? This should be top five, without a doubt. - goldiekitty2

14 Cure for the Itch

Wasn't that fun? Let's try something else!

This is a very good instrumental by the band. I love this song as it features great dj techniques by joe hahn

Needs to be higher on the list - aicrocks17

This is the best Dj track I've heard in my whole life

Only good Linkin Park song

15 Step Up

This isn't even a real song who put this

16 Part of Me
17 And One
18 Carousel
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