Linkin Park Album Review #1: Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory - that one album that bought Linkin Park its fame and everything. Hybrid Theory has great songs to begin with and the music elements used in the album rock it all. I've placed the most successful single of the album at #1 and you know why. If you don't, I'll explain it. Linkin Park's entry into the mainstream of hard rock bands. Compared to the other tracks on the album, In The End is rather slow paced. The song truly stands out as the best.

In The End: The song starts off with a good, dark or rather sorrowful intro with the piano (by Mike Shinoda) and then Chester's angelic vocals hit - "It starts with one thing..." I called his vocals angelic because his voice (At least in this song) is truly deserving of it. The electronic drums make it more of a hip-hop kinda song than a rock song. Mike's rap is great in this song. The song gives the rock feeling in the chorus when the live drums and guitars are used. The chorus is remarkable and amazing. If there's one thing I could most praise in this song, it is the piano riff. Its like no other and its the greatest signature for any song. The music video for the song is good. Now for my personal review - I never get tired of listening to this masterpiece. I can keep playing it a hundred times over and still wouldn't give up on this song. The emotion and meaning that is inscribed in the lyrics and music is valuable to me.

Crawling - Crawling is one of the best performances by Chester Bennington. His vocals are admirable and Crawling has been called by Bennington himself as "one of the hardest songs to sing". The single gained popularity within a short period of time after its release. This song does not feature Mike's rap except for the 'without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take' part. The song is beautiful. The music video is great. The intro is amazing. I loved the chorus as well. Crawling is also one of Linkin Park's all time best @ #3 for me. The Reanimation of this song called "Krwlng' is great as well.

Papercut - The song is a perfect start for the album. Although its at number 3 here, If this remix was entirely subjective, Papercut would've been #1. But, I'm rating songs according to the best and not based on favoritism. Papercut is a very, very powerful song.
The intro is amazing and beyond words with the drums. And everything breaks loose when the guitars take over. Amazing performance! I got to hand it to Mike Shinoda’s brilliant, speed rapping. It really made this song. The hardness of the rock and Mike’s excellent rap was enough to make it another great single from the debut album of what was to be the next, most awesome band. Chester’s chorus is amazing and with that music. At first, the music reminded me of Christian Rock band Red’s most successful song – Breathe Into Me. The music video is also good and every element of the song is pure brilliance. I’m sorry if I sounded too pro-Papercutish.

By Myself - Where do I start? By Myself is the most influential song I've ever listened to. It might not be the best Linkin Park song but I personally loved every aspect of it. The first thing that attracted me to the song is the fabulous intro. Mike raps excellent lyrics written by Chester (I guess). Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful song of the album tied with Papercut. The song was so relatable for me. I was and still am suffering from the Bipolar Mood Disorder. The thoughts I think when I’m down are so suicidal. When I heard the lyrics of the song closely, I felt like I was being healed of a devil inside of me. So long, so far, I was being hurt again and again By Myself. The song is underrated on the original list at #8.

One Step Closer - One Step Closer is a great song. You cannot but walk out with a badass attitude after listening to such a strong written song. The ‘Shut Up!’ part of the song was the most loved and most celebrated part of the song. It was another successful single and it was one of the other reasons why Linkin Park got into the mainstream. Alongside Given Up from Minutes to Midnight, One Step Closer is the angriest song by Linkin Park. Chester Bennington makes a clear scream during the “Shut up when I’m talking to you’ part. This song is pure brilliance.

Pushing Away - Pushing Me Away is an underrated, yet another good song from the album. I couldn’t elaborate on it much but the chorus was great.

Points of Authority - Points of Authority has a nice and enjoyable rap performance by Mike Shinoda. I think this is the only song where Mike gets the chorus completely. The chorus is enjoyable.

With You - With You is a very underrated song from the album and its hardly ever talked about. The song doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The song starts out with that whistle like sound and then the hard guitars take over. The song wasn’t a single but it was great. Mike’s rap and Chester’s lead are both good.

Forgotten - A long forgotten song. The song's great and it directs begins with the vocals. The chorus is great and I enjoyed the last minute of the song the most.

Runaway - Runaway is great and it would’ve been better off as a single for the band. Its one of the earlier Linkin Park songs I’ve listened to.

Cure For The Itch - The true talent of Joseph Hahn is sparkled in this instrumental by the band.

A Place For My Head - Good song. I like the pauses in the song. It adds to the effects.


Good review. Didn't love this album but sorta liked it.

Light 6/10 recommendation to fans - ProPanda

Thanks Propanda. That is actually the best LP album in my opinion. But yeah, there are some who hate it and many neutral to it. - visitor

Trust me, you have no idea... - WonkeyDude98

Yeah, I agree this is their best.

But it gets worse each time (I don't like this band at all)

Strong 4/10 - ProPanda

I don't like this album. At all. Still, it's their best album. - Satire

Yes, based on the majority, it's the best. And I understand if you don't like it because the first time I heard Linkin Park, I wasn't very happy. - visitor

SwagFlicks gives this a -5/10 and says it's their best. - WonkeyDude98

Wow. Am I one of the only users who loves almost every song on the album? Lol. 5/10! - visitor

NEGATIVE 5/10. - WonkeyDude98