Best Songs from Linkin Park’s One More Light

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1 One More Light

Obviously the best of this album, and despite OML being Linkin Park's weakest album overall, the title track is, oddly enough, among the best of their ballads. Maybe it's because of how much it resonates on Chester overall, but whichever way works.

Also, while this album isn't great by any means, it's nowhere near as bad as many people claimed it to be. - CrimsonShark

This song, this whole album, gained so much more meaning today. RIP Chester Bennington. - MattCozadd

Who cares if another person dies? Well, Chester did, and you know what?! We do to, we miss you Chester! R.I.P

Nothing that I can say about it...How people don't love this music...

2 Talking to Myself

Such a beautiful song! Such a beautiful album! So?! They went pop! But the pop album they came out with is first class! Amazing vocals and lyrics! Mike & Chester rock it throughout the album!

Best song on the album. Such deep meaning with a perfect back track. Love it to death.

My favorite Linkin Park song by a lot - OmegaRanker

Sounds rockish and it sounds like chester bennington in hybrid theory a bit - wrongway360

3 Heavy Heavy Cover Art

It's a really nice song with great variety vocally, Kiara does a great job too

I never understood the hate this song got. Sure, it's just another pop song, but it's a damn good pop song. Both Chester and Kiiara have powerful voices on their respective verses and the beat ain't that bad.

4 Invisible

While the title track is the best song in the album, "Invisible" is the track I go back to the most. Partly because it's actually got great lyrics and the Mike's vocals just fit really well. Props to the song's theme as well. - CrimsonShark

Should be higher than Heavy - wriddhak

A really great song.

Really great and deep lyrics, along with a cool rythmn. Much better than Heavy.

5 Sharp Edges


One of their most underrated songs - ethanwakeman

Very well written. Tells a great story. Best on the album

Very very underrated. - Johnalove

6 Battle Symphony

This song is all about the fight against all odds. I love the figures of speech used in this song. Really amazing, upbeat, and deep.

One More Light and Battle Symphony

How the hell is this at 9.THIS IS THE BEST SONG OF THE ALBUM AND HEAVY IS THE Worst. - wriddhak

7. Wow. Seriously guys? - OmegaRanker

7 Good Goodbye

Best in the album. this album actually isn't bad none of the songs are

Hooked. On. 1st. Listen.

8 Nobody Can Save Me

Amazing music, vocals. The mixed Pop rock, alternative rock, indie rock in a way that the more you listen to it the more you like it. Beautiful song, can't stop listening to.

This one should be more higher along with sorry for now

This song is amazing! so underrated

GREAT - OmegaRanker

9 Sorry For Now

Can't believe this is at the bottom of the list. Mike absolutely kills it with his vocal performance on this song, and the dreamy keys mixed with the bubbly guitar plucks makes this the most ambitious song on the album, in my opinion.

Chaz rapping is just so awesome.

Is one of the best songs of the whole album

Mike and Chester reversed roles - EmilyFire009

10 Halfway Right

Used to be my least favourite from the album, but in the wake of Chester's death it has so much more meaning than I realized

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11 In the End In the End Cover Art
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