Battle Symphony - Linkin Park Review

Yep, I'm not looking forward to this album.

And a good day to you TopTenners! I said this before, I'll say it again. I like Linkin Park. I grew up with the band, I listened to all their music and while I'm not the biggest fan at all anymore, I can still enjoy some new music from the guys. A while back, I made a post on Linkin Park's single Heavy. I discussed how I felt it was lacking and overall bland. I was disappointed for the most part but I still was looking forward to their next single.

What I was really having hopes for was for them to make another A Thousand Suns. I figured that maybe this album will have a lot of diversity like ATS and that Heavy was just the mainstream single. Kind of how Waiting For the End was. Each single of ATS was different and it added variety. I was hoping to get this from One More Light.

But nope! No no no no no no no

The new single is called Battle Symphony. It's another generic pop song, that sounds way to similar to pop acts like Imagine Dragons and twenty one pilots. Chester sounds so noticeably autotuned, it is almost painful. The music sounds like any other Electro Pop song and the lyrics are just meh. There is no sign of energy or emotion. It's all lifeless. As much as I really wanted to like this, forcing myself to repeat listens, I just can't. It's awful.

My Analysis:
The "instrumentation" is mostly Electro Pop synths and bland EDM chords. As for someone who has heard a lot of EDM in the past months, the instrumental isn't interesting. Chester sounds bad. And I mean really bad. Listening with HQ headsets makes the autotune more noticeable. And the singing melody is very cheesy and uninteresting. I will admit it is not as predictable as Heavy, and it took me by surprise for a few seconds at the beginning. But once again I was left wanting way more.

The song is boring. The lyrics are boring. The atmosphere is hardly there. I've heard worse but Battle Symphony is an absolute bore. These two singles Heavy and Battle Symphony are nothing but generic bland pop songs that are completely forgettable and will soon be forgotten in the times on.

Also, where the heck is Mike? He hasn't been in any of the singles. He is like the only member I care about, where is he?

"Shut up, hater! There just experimenting in other genres. You're not a real fan if you don't like it."


Linkin Park, clearly don't want to be irrelevant anymore, so they decided to copy twenty one pilots and other Electro Pop artists so they can earn the mass appeal. This isn't experimenting, ATS was. This is obviously subjecting to the masses. Nothing experimental about these singles. They are what they are. Pop songs.

Hey, LP. Stop trying to be twenty one pilots. You're not twenty one pilots. I rather listen to them than these two singles and I don't even like twenty one pilots.

Overall, I am not looking forward to this future release. These two singles have been very disappointing.

For those who need a rating here ya go!
3/10 (Worse than Heavy!)

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about this new single by twenty one-er, I mean, Linkin Park. Be sure to misspell your insults when telling me how I'm wrong. Just know that I could care less what you think of me.


I never thought I'd see they day where Linkin Park would become bland and awful. - SwagFlicks

Thought they were always bland and awful to you. - TheDarkOne_221b

I'm honestly not looking forward to this album either but a great review of the song - christangrant

Same - MegaSlayerDeath

Me either - visitor

Great review. I don't hate Heavy, at least as much as other people do, but I now know exactly why people do hate it. I thought the song was decent aside from a really annoying processed noise that played at the beginning and during the chorus. I'm still hoping to hear some rock on this album. - visitor

Just Wait untill the Hybrid Theory Meteora fanboys hear this album *grabs popcorn* - christangrant

Good review.
I'm 90% sure this album is gonna fail. - wrests

Good review. Heavy actually grew on me a bit mainly because I like Kiiara's voice on that track. This is definitely a major step down from Castle of Glass. Any thoughts on Amy Lee's new releases? - visitor

What Amy Lee released new music? I haven't kept myself updated with Evanescence related stuff. - cjWriter1997

It could be worse; they could've released some kind rock-music equivalent to M.I.L.F $. - visitor

To be honest it's better than Heavy. Still not good. - ProPanda

Trying to analyze Linkin Park lyrics is worthless, and this song blows. I'd give it the slight edge over Heavy because at least this almost sounds like a song, but yeah, yet another sellout. - WonkeyDude98