Good Goodbye - Linkin Park Review

Ugh! I can't believe this. This new Linkin Park song, Good Goodbye, it's...

It's actually not that bad. It's definitely better than their previous two singles. I did have a bad first impression and was planning on ranting on how awful it was but on my second listen, my reaction changed and now, I actually kind of liked it.

Probably because Mike is in it! (For about 30 seconds -_-)

My Analysis:
This song has a catchy hook. And while Chester does still have his plastic, emotionless singing, he's not the only one partaking in this new song. Mike shows up and raps for about 30 seconds. Immediately, I grew a smile. It's good to hear him after nothing but Chester. It also features Pusha T out of all people as well as Stormzy (who I have never heard of.)

So now let's talk about the music. Well, it has some sweet moments. All the rap verses made this song for me. Mike's verse was good (still wish he had more to offer, I mean ffs Mike, do you just don't like rapping anymore?) Pusha T's verse was good and Stormzy's verse felt too short. To be honest, all the rap verses were too short. But I guess after hearing Chester's boring voice these past singles, it's good to hear a little more emotion with these verses. The music is also very trap flavored. But it doesn't feel to generic for me to just kick it away. And I actually hear some drums in this song. It has a nice reverb to it leaving it kind of spacious.

And that folks, is when I came to a sudden realization.

Chester is not a pop singer! His voice sounds so dull and boring when there's not rock guitar backing his voice up. When he doesn't put any aggression he sounds awful. Which explains why Heavy and Battle Symphony don't work for me. To be honest, Mike's a better singer for pop. Just listen to his Fort Minor song "Welcome". In fact this song kind of reminds me of that.

Since Chester isn't singing as frequent as much and there's more variety in the verses, this song actually leaves more of resemblance to Linkin Park than Battle Symphony and Heavy combined. If the rest of this album is more like this, I would be okay with it. I certainly will not enjoy it that much but at least it will feel tolerable, or passable.

Overall my thoughts on this song is that it is not bad. It's okay and after hearing two very bland LP singles, it's nice to hear a song that isn't as uninteresting. I think it's safe to say, I enjoyed this single more than the others.

My rating for this song is a 6/10 (Not that bad. Still not what I expect but it's a decent tune.)

So what did you think of this new LP single, again? Did you love it? Were you like me and was just glad to hear Mike again? Or do you still hate these new singles and wish Linkin Park would go die in a hole (because that was what I started to feel after Battle Symphony. *wink wink*) Anyways, thank you for stopping by and have a good day!


Good review - christangrant

Also its ironic its called Good Goodbye since many people were saying that Linkin Park ia turning Pop which for a rock band is not a good goodbye - christangrant

true - Skullkid755

Good review. Aside from that awfully annoying chipmunk voice in the background, this song wasn't too shabby. - visitor

It seems to be a cliché in most Trap songs to have that squeaky chipmunk voice. Believe me it kind of annoyed me too. - cjWriter1997

Mike's raps were really good. Honestly, One More Light isn't as bad as many say it is. - TheDarkOne_221b