Rocking With Regret: One More Light By Linkin Park

Disclaimer: This was made before Chester Bennington's death R.I.P.

Oh boy i have been dreading this but alright i'll review this thing called a "Album" so anyway let's get this over with.

One More Light is the 7th studio album from Linkin Park realesed through Warner Bros. Records. This album is not a rock album it is a Pop album and because of that fact this album got loads of backlash and hate from fans and this is being regarded as their worst album and their song "Heavy" got the most backlash due to it's misleading title which made fans thought it would be a return to their heavier side of albums like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. But with all that aside lets just see how this album turns out.

Track 1: Nobody Can Save Me

Well this track is boring this makes me want to go to sleep when i hear this although to be fair it could be a lot worse but this song is just boring but the funny thing is this track is one of the better tracks on the album.


Track 2: Good Goodbye

This track is not good it's bad even Mike couldn't save this song because this song is just boring and very plain pop you would hear on the radio overall i still want to fall asleep at how boring this track is. and the guest rappers only make this track worse and makes you want to turn off whatever your playing this album on.


Track 3: Talking to Myself

Well at least this track has some rock in it and to be fair this track isn't that bad but it's still a bit boring and you will notice a theme going on here but overall this track is probably the best of the album and that's not saying much.


Track 4: Battle Symphony

Oh boy this monstrosity is my least favorite song from Linkin Park because this is them trying to be Twenty One Pilots which i hate Twenty One Pilots but because of their success Linkin Park is trying to make their songs more Pop like and destroy their image and oh yeah this song is very boring even more boring than the last two tracks.


Track 5: Invisible

Well at least this track isn't as bad as the last one but it's still very boring and if you can't see it by now this album is very boring and very generic as well at least Mike sings a lot more on this song which saves it a little bit but this track is very meh.

5 /10

Track 6: Heavy

Oh boy the infamous track the one everyone hates and well i hate it to its very boring and again makes me want to go to sleep but to be fair this song isn't the worst from this album but that doesn't mean it's good it's still very bland and boring Kiiara's part is alright but sadly it's still boring and overall not the worst but it's still bad.


Track 7: Sorry for Now

Ugh yet another boring song from this album this track is very bad i really hate this track this and Battle Symphony are the songs i hate the most from this album.


Track 8: Halfway Right

another awful boring song from this album and i have to say this album is only 35 minutes long but it feels like it's never going to end and this isn't even the last track on the album and i am already tired of this album


Track 9: One More Light

This is the longest track on the album and just like every other track on this album it's boring and it makes me want to fall asleep but to be fair it is better than the last few tracks but that isn't saying much and i just want this album to end now so i won't have to listen to it ever again sadly i still got one more track left.


Track 10: Sharp Edges

Thank god this is the last track on the album and it's still a boring song and this time with acoustic guitar not much else to say.


now we get on to the rating of this album and what i think of it so anyway lets see what the rating is.

Album Rating: 45/100

This album is boring from start to finish but to be fair if you can't sleep at 2:00 Am put this album on and it will help you fall asleep but anyway this is the worst album from Linkin Park.I would not recommend this though most of you are just going to listen to it anyway so whatever but anyway thanks for reading my review and sorry if i seem repetitive in this review.


Yeah, it sucked. Only a message can explain how much I hate this band (especially this album) - visitor

In my opinion
but: Good Goodbye, Invisible
WT: Talking To Myself - ProPanda

Edit: I confused TTM with Sharp Edges lmao. TTM is a 5/5. - ProPanda

*Cries in retrospect* - Ub8

The only song I like so far is heavy 7.6/10 - Neonco31