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1 What I've Done What I've Done

Oh come on, What I've Done is EASILY the best song from Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight. It's what launched the album into fame, you can't ignore that! And think about the meaning too... Just fantastic!

Not only the best song on the album but the best song Linkin Park have ever produced alongside One Step Closer.

Brilliant song and in my opinion, better than given up. But Given up is also a good song!
This album really rocks!

My Ranking:
1. What I've Done
2. Leave Out All The Rest
3. No More Sorrow
4. Shadow of The Day
5. Valentine's Day
6. Given Up
7. Bleed It Out
8. In Pieces
9. Hands Held High
10. The Little Things Give You Away
11. In Between
12. Wake - Mr_Awesome

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2 Leave Out All the Rest Leave Out All the Rest

This song is amazing in its own ways. It's so soothing and calming. Linkin Park has diversity in its music. Heads up

How can you not like this song, it's so different and shows emotion. Simply one of the best Linkin Park songs ever!

Why isn't this 1st place. This is such a nice Linkin Park song. Every time I hear this song, I'm so relaxed. What I've Done and No More Sorrow are amazing songs but in my opinion, not as amazing as Leave Out All The Rest.

I think this is one of the best songs of many and it is just my favorite because it reminds me of those I have lost through my life time it brings back memories sometimes I can't remember.

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3 No More Sorrow No More Sorrow

The most badass song on the whole album. Echoes with the rage and anguish resembling the emotions in the band's top songs such as Somewhere I Belong and Faint yet rarely seen. This should be the direction that Linkin Park should be heading for.

If someone even listens to the intro of this song they'll just fall in love with this song. Perfect match of drums and guitar. ROCK ON Linkin Park!

You know it will kick ass when you hear the "Are you lost in your lies? " and it only gets better from there.

This song is higher than I thought it would be but I like it where it is

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4 Given Up Given Up

This song is just badass!
I think its the most powerful song on this album. :D - Flav

The most agressive song from Linkin Park and one of my favorites... - sam117

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5 Shadow of the Day Shadow of the Day

Amazing song, I was shocked it was #5!

This song has an absolutely amazing chorus. EASILY the best song on minutses to midnight.

Yup. best song.. my score toppers: 1) Shadow of the day 2) Bleed it out 3) leav out all the rest

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6 In Pieces In Pieces

Beautiful song with a beautiful build up. Absolutely love it

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7 Bleed It Out Bleed It Out

Have used this song to get pumped up for swim competitions since I was 14. Love the fast tempo and inspiring lyrics of the song!

This should easily make the top 3

This song definitely deserves to be higher

This should be three

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8 Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Amazing song, to be honest all the songs in the album are stunning in different ways, but for me valentines day stands out because of how emotional it is

Song has real and touching emotions. This song I think is the best in the Minutes to Midnight album. Also it is similar to what I have gone through and experienced. Second I think should be In Pieces.

Not the best song on the album, but definitely in the top 5. A perfect blend of Linking Park's brooding and rock.

Great song I think it's the best. It has so much detail I feel like I am actually experiencing this. Linkin Park forever!

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9 The Little Things Give You Away The Little Things Give You Away

I love this song so much. It starts off slow but when the guitar solo comes in, it's amazing. I also love the lyrics in this song. This, "No More Sorrow, " and "Leave Out All the Rest" are tied for my favorite songs off this album.

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10 Hands Held High Hands Held High

Best song on the album because of all the raw emotion and how it describes the current world

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11 No Roads Left

This is one of the most underrated songs of Linkin Park...

Its Just So Different That's What Makes It Great

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12 In Between In Between

How'd nobody vote for this it shows that mike is more then a rapper

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13 Across the Line Across the Line

Across The Line is a great song, do not know why placement is so low that a Top 10, I think that song deserves to be in the Top 5.

Perhaps the reason this song has such a low placing in Top is that not everyone knows it. - TheGodOfNewWorld

14 Wake Wake

Although its really only an intro song, the feel of the time is great. Very motivational and the music just grabs a hold of you.

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