Top Ten Songs to Listen to On Mondays

Everybody hates Mondays, except those who don't have to work on Mondays. I call these people "scum." If you listen to these songs, it will make your Monday feel like a Friday.

The Top Ten

1 Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

This is my favorite feel good song, no pun intended. Whenever I listen to this song, no matter what mood I'm in, I instantly feel like breaking out into dance. How could you not at least smile a little bit while listening to this song? Trick question, it's impossible. If you don't, then that means you're some kind of witch. - Alpha101

2 All Along the Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

While I slightly prefer the Bob Dylan version, this is easily one of the best covers in history, if not THE best. Whenever I listen to this song, I always feel like picking up my guitar and jamming to it. I mean, the riff is so easily recognizable, and the solos are epic! - Alpha101

3 Get Lucky - Daft Punk

While I like Daft Punk's slower songs much more, like "Game of Love," and "Touch," this is my favorite song by them that not only gets me up on Monday, but makes me actually feel good about it. - Alpha101

4 Wouldn't It Be Nice? - The Beach Boys

Not my favorite Beach Boys song, but it's one of their only songs that really make me feel something. I mean, their other songs are nice, but the majority of them are just fun pop music. Not this one. It always makes me smile and him along, and can improve anyone's Monday. - Alpha101

5 What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

I don't know many songs by this wonderful musician, but I can easily say that this is one of my favorite songs. I would even like this to be played at my funeral. It is such a happy and beautiful song, though it can be viewed as tragic. This song is very popular among people for it's powerful message and Armstrong's voice. Listening to this will make you spring out of bed and start singing along. Have a good Monday! - Alpha101

6 Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

While this song is not as good as some of their others, it's the main song that I like to sing along to while I'm in the car. It instantly improves my mood. - Alpha101

7 Let's Get Rocked - Def Leppard

I guess this song fits best - lyrics and music. I take into account the list description - "If you listen to these songs, it will make your Monday feel like a Friday" (this song will do this for sure). One of my all time fave rock songs.

"I'm your average, ordinary, everyday kid,
Happy to do nothing', in fact that's what I did.
Got a million ways to make my day, but daddy don't agree
'because when I try to get away he says
He get plans for me

Get your butt right out of bed - Stop buggin' me
Get up and move your sleepy head - Don't shake my tree.

He said
Mow the lawn - Who, me?
Walk the dog - Not my style, man!
Take out the trash - No way!
Tidy your room - come on get real!
Sorry dad, gotta disappear,
Let's get the rock outta here.

Seven-day weekend" - Metal_Treasure

Can't believe I forgot thus song! Thanks fit adding it. - Alpha101

@Alpha101 - my pleasure. Love this song. - Metal_Treasure

8 Thank God It's Monday - NOFX

"Monday is my favorite time of year
I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Mondays
Cause they feel like Saturdays
When you don't gotta go to work
Every day is a holiday
I wake up when I want to
I do anything I wanna do
I live a 5 day weekend
I gotta year long holiday
Thank God it's Monday". - Metal_Treasure

What kind of a sick song is this thank God its monday "hearth atack" (Sarcasam)

9 Hey Joe - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A lot of you are wondering why I would put a song like this on a list like this, and that is a good question. I simply don't know. The story behind this song is about a person murdering his girlfriend/wife. Why would that help improve anyone's Monday? Well, it's simply Jimi's amazing and unique voice and guitar playing abilities that make this song special. Just try it out. - Alpha101

10 Killer Queen - Queen

The chorus is so catchy and easy to sing along to, and Mercury's beautiful voice really shines on this track. Guaranteed to improve your Monday. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 King for a Day - Primal Fear

I call this song "adrenaline injection" - it always makes me start doing something because it's very energetic. - Metal_Treasure

12 Highway Star - Deep Purple
13 Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles

One of the Beatles' greatest and most well known songs, this always makes me feel like laying back in a recliner, close my eyes, and just dream away. But I can't do that, because I've got to go to school. Well, no matter. It's still an amazing song. - Alpha101

14 Monday, Monday - The Mamas and The Papas
15 Hell Patrol - Judas Priest

While I agree it's not their best, this is one of the best songs for getting your adrenaline pumping. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like busting a hole in my wall with my head, going up to my peers, and ripping one of their heads off, and bathing myself in their blood. Sorry, I got a little carried away there. Anyway, this song will definitely set your day on the right path. - Alpha101

16 I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats
17 From Now On - Supertramp
18 Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
19 Scum - Napalm Death

It just lets me forget about everything
How was this day called again? - CannibalCorpse

20 Hell Awaits - Slayer
21 Manic Monday - The Bangles
22 Blue Monday - New Order
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