Top Ten Songs to Listen to When Making a List On TheTopTens

I often find that music helps me think, so why not use it while making a list?

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1 Everloving - Moby

This is a light, fresh piece which I often find keeps my mind in control. I've played it while making lists. It's also a good insomnia cure, but since my insomnia makes many of my lists come out at night, they've coincided, and that link simply came up. - PositronWildhawk

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2 Overgrown - James Blake
3 Avaritia - Deadmau5

When you just need that spike of energy, a track like Avaritia is just ideal. - PositronWildhawk

4 Whispering Wind - Moby
5 Falling - Bassnectar

This track was playing when I made this list, and it is just what I needed. - PositronWildhawk

6 Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen

Because this is a masterpiece, I listen to it with the hope to create masterpieces, too. Haha - Metal_Treasure

I'm listening to it right now and making a list... A guitar list.
UPDATE: Done, approved (Top 10 Songs With Two or More Guitar Solos). - Metal_Treasure

7 Beautiful Rage - Gareth Emery
8 Snowman - Rainbow

This is just magical, takes me to another place, for a walk somewhere out in space. A great instrumental from Ritchie Blackmore. - Metal_Treasure

9 Oxygene - Jean Michel Jarre

Absolutely agree with whoever added this. Stardust would be good too! - PositronWildhawk

@Positron Wildhawk, you may be surprised but I added it. Also his Fourth Rendez-Vous, and Magnetic Fields 2.
Instrumental music leaves me more room for imagination and although I prefer metal instrumentals (Yngwie, Rainbow/Ritchie Blackmore), sometimes I listen to other genres and musicians. - Metal_Treasure

I'd say the Orbital track that I added to this list has a very similar atmosphere to this one, if you're at all interested. But to me, it's the introduction to the movie Hackers. - PositronWildhawk

10 Breathe - The Prodigy

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11 Halcyon On and On - Orbital
12 Anybody There - Rainbow
13 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian
14 Fourth Rendez-Vous - Jean Michel Jarre
15 Thunderstruck - AC/DC

This was actually playing when I made my last list. No it didn't inspire me one iota - it was just playing. - Britgirl

16 Magnetic Fields 2 - Jean Michel Jarre
17 Angelfall - Electus
18 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
19 Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Or watch a concert video - bobbythebrony

20 Snowblind - Au5
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