Best Songs from Little Mix's Glory Days Album

The best songs from Little Mix's fourth studio album - and their first UK #1 - Glory Days.

The Top Ten Best Songs from Little Mix's Glory Days Album

1 Power

It's THE BEST song.
Catchy, good lyrics (especially chorus), all their voices sound amazing
The list goes on and on

best lol

Glad it is number 1. - 23MACCAja

Should be number 1.

2 Touch

It's all about that special someone

This song I love it.

I love this Song.

The sound, the rhythm, the beats, OH MY I love touch so much it's what got me hooked back on LM

3 Shout Out to My Ex

Catchy and very empowering

Shout Out to My Ex should be at number 1! - inhundredsoffandoms

Best song by far

All of the girls’ vocals are amazing. The song is catchy and empowering. It’s a good message that you can get over your ex and become even stronger.

4 Private Show

This, Power, Beep Beep, Nothing else matters and Oops are my favorites - 23MACCAja

Amazing beat!

5 Beep Beep

Sexy and classy

This song and privet show are JAMSS! - 23MACCAja

6 You Gotta Not


7 No More Sad Songs

Positive vibes!

I love the positive message of the song

WHAT!? This is better than 9! It's up there with the current top 5 thank u very much! - 23MACCAja

It's the best

8 Freak
9 Nothing Else Matters
10 Reggaeton Lento

The Contenders

11 F.U.

It says up yours in a more friendly manner.

12 Oops
13 Your Love


14 If I Get My Way

Great Song! It's sweet and compassionate!

15 Down & Dirty
16 Nobody Like You

It's so emotional

17 Is Your Love Enough?
18 Dear Lover
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