Best Songs On Live's Throwing Copper

This is a top 10 list of the best songs on Live's influential 1994 album Throwing Copper. This Album is one of best of the '90s if not all time.

The Top Ten

1 Lightning Crashes

This in my opinion is one of the greatest songs ever written. Its lyrics are so powerful, and the guitar intro is amazing - Nightlock

That intro is the best of any song. Period.

2 I Alone

Another one of the albums many singles, this song is amazing really great, one of the best - Nightlock

3 White, Discussion

This song is great, really long and slow and drawn out, a really great listen 6:08 well spent - Nightlock

4 Stage

This is so good for an album song, It really shows how well rounded the album is. It is fast and heavy and a little different to the rest of the album, but still really good - Nightlock

5 All Over You

This song is fantastic, really a great quality song. Live really hit it big with this one - Nightlock

6 The Dam at Otter Creek

I'm just going to go ahead and say it...this song is really weird! Its so different to any other song...but it is a great song to start the album, and is still a really good song (despite the weirdness) - Nightlock

7 Selling the Drama

This was the first single of the album, and it is a really good song - Nightlock

8 Top

This song is like Iris in how it is placed between single to break them up, but it is a really good song on its own as well - Nightlock

9 S*** Towne

Who doesn't love a song with a swear word in its name! And s*** towne doesn't disappoint - Nightlock

10 Iris

This is a really good song, nestled up with all the singles, it could really be mistaken as one - Nightlock

The Contenders

11 Pillar of Davidson
12 Horse
13 T.B.D.
14 Waitress
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1. Lightning Crashes
2. All Over You
3. White, Discussion
1. White, Discussion
2. Lightning Crashes
3. The Dam at Otter Creek
1. Top
2. Stage
3. I Alone



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