Best Songs from Liza Anne's Fine But Dying

Fine But Dying is the third studio album by American Folk artist Liza Anne, released on March 9th, 2018, via Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

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1 Turn for the Worse

Track 06

This one is really catchy and the instrumentals are really flowing. Liza sings very nicely here and the lyrics are humble and tender, both of which makes the track more catchy and enjoyable. The message is a pretty sweet one too; a love song about overcoming a challenge, hence the song title.

The second half of the song is completely instrumentals. It a mellow tune, which progressively becomes more vibrant and groovy. It's a pretty tone, certainly one which someone can dance too.

Overall, my favorite track in this album. - CrimsonShark

2 I Love You, But I Need Another Year

Track 10

Another song where the instruments are balanced. Although it's a love song, it's a bittersweet take, judging by the title. Like always, Liza's vocals carry the song nicely. The lyrics are a pretty realistic take on the hardships of maintaining a relationship, and it works very well here. The instrumentation sound the best here, and the bridge sounds fantastic in my opinion. Another favorite in this album overall. - CrimsonShark

3 Panic Attack

Track 03

A more mellow track, though the instrumentals remain vibrant. Liza's vocals are more subdued here to keep in pace with the song's flow, in addition to connecting with the lyrics' message pretty well. From the title itself, the lyrics do seem to picture a dark theme about someone having anxiety. Towards the song, the instrumentals do get quite hard, before dissipating into static sound and then silence. Its got a solid build-up throughout and the song concludes in a rather orthodox way, which I liked. - CrimsonShark

4 Closest to Me

Track 05

Another mellow track, thought here, its more subdued than "Panic Attack". Liza seems to sing really fine here and the instrumentals sound solid throughout, alongside some ambient sounds. The lyrics seem to be sweet, judging by the track name. It's a love song, with traces of forgiveness, which is pretty neat. - CrimsonShark

5 Paranoia

Track 01

I like the flow and beat to this and the lyrics are pretty catchy. The instrumentals in this are surprisingly heavy for a Folk/Alternative song (Obviously not Heavy Metal level) It's a really upbeat track, which does contrast with the pessimistic message the lyrics tend to portray. - CrimsonShark

6 Get By

Track 09

Probably the most balanced track in regards to its instrumentation and vocal delivery. The sound is one to dance on, which is nice and the lyrics are pretty solid. The distortions don't seem too bombastic and help present this track with some identity, which is a cool touch. Liza sounds very good as well. - CrimsonShark

7 Kid Gloves

Track 07

This one has a low-sounding, yet eclectic start. The rest of the track is a vibrant, yet a bit distorted on the instrumental side, though the distortion becomes quite apparent during the bridge. Liza's vocals here are a bit different, but it works well likewise. The lyrics go back to being confrontation to some level and there is some level of tension in the way Liza addresses the lyrics. - CrimsonShark

8 Control

Track 08

The slowest and most subdued track in Fine But Dying. Regardless, the track does seem passionate and emotional, given how Liza conveys the lyrics which seem to revolve around finding difficulty in controlling someone's feeling towards someone. Helps in that the instrumentation is incredibly mellow, which makes the lyrics stand out more. - CrimsonShark

9 Socks

Track 04

This track seems to be pretty upbeat, with colorful instrumentation and Liza's vocals flowing with it quite effectively. The solo in the bridge is a pretty coo, one for the song genre, which seem like a nice addition. The lyrics are noticeable more positive than the previous tracks, considering its directing towards someone and a close relationship. - CrimsonShark

10 Small Talks

Track 02

This track has an upbeat tempo and the instrumentals are vibrant, a little leaning on Rock. I like how the lyrics are conveyed and delivered throughout vocally and the meaning behind it again is quite harsh if taken to context, which, again, makes a nice contrast. - CrimsonShark

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