Top Ten Best Songs from Love Live: School Idol Project

There are tons of songs from Love Live: School Idol Project, and which songs do you think is the best? It can be from muse or its mini idol group such as Bibi or printemps
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1 Snow Halation

Very cool and awesome song. at the first time I heard it, it can't stop playing in my head for days.

Its easily the best out of all of them. It sounds heavenly on acapella too.

This is by far the best song out of the love live franchise, Start:Dash ( all 9 member version ) is the second best.

I like this song very much

2 Shocking Party

Tsubasa best girl


The beginning has a very strong hook onto audience. Amazing song!

I love how this song can be emotional and upbeat at the same time. You gotta love it, especially with the catchy tune and the feels! ~

This song fills me with determination, I love it!

I love this song to much especially the start

4 Aishiteru Banzai

It's a relaxing but upbeat song with a powerful message of love.

Honestly this song made me cried an ocean in the last episode.

Either in piano version or idol version, it still cool!

5 Bokutachi Wa Hitotsu No Hikari

A really good song to end the legacy which is muse

I cry every time

Beautiful song. About the parting of μ's and also that endings are beginnings.

6 Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump!

Very cheerful and enjoyable song

7 Soldier Game

It's hard for me to listen to this song & not dance!

8 Susume Tomorrow

Started with slow beat and getting upbeat in the middle. a unique song.

9 Bokura Wa Ima No Naka De

First song presented in the anime via the intro/opening. The song has a good rhythm and is very catchy, the lyrics have meanings behind themselves on which lead to the moment from when they sang it. It has a strong emotional balance intertwined with the lyrics that makes it very appealing to many audiences that watch it.

10 Wonderful Rush

So good. With a Kotori center

best song

The Contenders
11 Oh, Love & Peace!
12 Yume No Tobira

It always makes me cry

13 Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE

this song is honestly my favorite song out of the entire franchise... it fills me with determination and the will to keep on going whenever I listen to it, and it feels almost nostalgic to listen to...

14 No Brand Girls
15 Datte Datte Aa Mujou
16 Angelic Angel
17 Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru

Ending song of the anime season 1 that I think is very good and enjoyable song. I like Eli and Nozomi version the most

I very like this song.

Why this song is so underrated? İt is so beautiful

18 Garasu No Hanazono

Also, am I the only one who thinks this song reminds me of Touhou for some weird reason? It probably might have to do with the usage of trumpets.

NozoEli 4 the win!

Nice NozoEli song

19 Shiranai Love Oshiete Love
20 Watashitachi Wa Mirai No Hana
21 After School Navigator

Moe Metal done right.

22 Psychic Fire

The echoes [Nico! / Maki! / Elichika! (names) and Nico nico yo! / Imi wakannai! / Harasho! (catchphrases) and BiBi, BiBi, BiBi...] are great and make the song really hype.

23 Kodoku Na Heaven

Hanayo's voice is amazing here

24 Daring!!

Don't worry, Don't worry

Maki's voice is perfect

25 Dancing Stars on Me

Love this song, it's to amazing!

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