Best Songs from All Time Low's Future Hearts


The Top Ten

1 Kids In the Dark

Such an awesome song! I love the message of it and I think that you can really connect with it while it still being really catchy!

First song I ever heard by them


It's the best one on the album. it's so catchy and I love the vibe. just the beat and the way he sings it.

2 Runaways

Simply addictive!

3 Missing You

This song to me is the band saying we are here for you no matter what you are not alone we love you and will be here for you even if no one else is. - jessieyann

This is my favorite song by All Time Low and my favorite song in general. It has such moving lyrics yet their signature sound still shines though. Such a motivational song.

Such powerful lyrics in a flowing, almost deceptively happy melody, made all the more powerful because of the hope it conveys. Beautiful song

The first song from All Time Low I listened to. And I loved it! It's also the only one I've listened to yet. Great job All Time Low!

4 Cinderblock Garden

One of my favorites from this band


5 Old Scars / Future Hearts

How is this not number 1? I sometimes feel like crying because this song is just SO GOOD!

This is one of them songs were they don't have a music video for it, and it's not the most live-played song from the album. But then you listen to it and it and it's like this song's amazing. It is upbeat, catchy and just dark, love it.

An aggressive yet beautifully written pop-punk tune. The guitar riff is awesome and relatable lyrics. I also love the beat of this song, I want to lip-sync to it every time I hear it!

I can't stop playing this song for entire year. After download FH album, I stuck on this song and got the repeat. Should be in the first place.

6 Something's Gotta Give

This and Bail Me Out are the best

Amazing song

7 Bottle and a Beat
8 Dancing With a Wolf

Best song in the album no doubt, even though it slightly edges out Kids In The Dark and Old Scars. - GinSan

No this definitely needs to be higher, such a great song

Best of the soundtrack... just listen

This is the best one

9 Edge of Tonight
10 Tidal Waves

Love the lyrics for this song! I can't stop listening to it! I love Mark Hoppus in it as well! Should be higher up but then every song on this album is just amazing!

Super awesome song, sad but amazing lyrics and vocals. It's almost perfect, which you don't hear often.

The Contenders

11 Kicking and Screaming

This song is so good it gives me life

Awesome song.

12 How the Story Ends
13 Your Bed
14 Don't You Go

The chorus is so deep! It's extremely catchy and I've been listening to it on repeat for a few days now!

I keep forgetting how amazing this song is until I hear it on the album.

15 Bail Me Out

Should be higher

So underrated, I love this song

16 Satellite

This song is incredible. in my opinion it's the best song in the album, the lyrics are beautiful and have a strong and powerful meaning I can relate to. The instrumentals are amazing and this crescendo until the end hits me right in the feels... I wish it wasn't that underrated. - Noctalli

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