Rocking With Regret: Catharsis by Machine Head

What the hell happened to this band?

Welcome to the first post of Rocking with Regret for 2018 with a album i thought would be good or at least ok but no it wasn't good. The album in question is Catharsis by Machine Head now let me just say i like Machine Head Burn My Eyes, The Blackening and Unto the Locust are all albums i like The Blackening in my opinion is one of the best metal albums of all time. But this album is nowhere near the quality of those albums, I will admit this album has some good things about it but the bad outweighs the good so what i'm going to do for this series is change up a bit, yes i don't want to do Track by Track reviews anymore but rather i summarize what i think of the album and of course i will give a link to my remix of this album.

So oh boy this album was not so good on this album they combined their normal sound with the Nu Metal from Supercharger which was very Slipknot like but anyway the worst thing about this album is the lyrics my god their terrible they are basically just SJW Nonsense and hate on the current president of the United States, this is a real bad thing because I DO NOT want to hear this stuff in metal i heard enough of that crap on the internet and i'm sick of hearing it, the worst thing is i like this band what happened to them and what happened to Robb Flynn? he can be a good songwriter but now hes just writing nonsense. As you can already tell i do not like this album their are some good songs on it but its mainly because the instrumentals are good the vocals vary in quality ranging from good to awful and most the lyrics are weak for pretty much all the songs. The best songs on the album is Behind the Mask which is a very Slipknot like soft song even the name is probably a Slipknot reference this song actually works because the lyrics aren't that terrible and theirs also some Opeth influence in this song the vocals mainly as they seem to be a mix of Corey Taylor and The singer of Opeth whose name i can't spell and Heavy Lies the Crown which is a great song in general and Grind You Down which is very Djenty and works wery well. Since i talked about the best now i have to talk about the worst, the worst song on this album is Bastards, it's a ballad type song but its about hating you know who and more SJW nonsense and good lord is it bad. Eulogy is basically the same song as Bastards but done in a little bit better way but it still isn't very good.The album is also way too long its Near 75 MINUTES LONG which is not a good thing when the album isn't good. In conclusion i hope this was just a mistake and that Machine Head won't do another album like this again in the future and will improve from this...

Anyway what is my score for this album?

Album Rating: 63/100

By all means please improve Machine Head, your better than this...


In December 2017 I gave a listen to 2 songs that were available for free preview and didn't like them - Catharsis and (probably) Beyond the Pale. And I wrote this on my list Top 10 Most Anticipated Rock and Metal Albums of January 2018:
"I've checked out 2 songs and they were, unfortunately, disappointing. I hope the other songs are better."
Now I know my first impression was right.
What I remember was that music was awfully written: mediocre-to-bad (with too much rap, melodic "core" and poppy elements).
It was also bad performed, and Robb voice sounded really bad - I heard a weak tired voice with unwanted grit (overall, many signs of damaged vocal folds). - Metal_Treasure

Don't listen to this album with any machine, it'll damage the brain in your head.

Was that a fail? This post wasn't. - Skullkid755

I'm just gonna forget about this album's existence and go back to Burn My Eyes. - cjWriter1997

That means two things. Wait you said eyes not ears.

Nevermind. - Skullkid755

That joke was hit or miss to be honest. You've done better. Off day? - cjWriter1997

My god this album sucked...I’m gonna go listen to The Blackening and be sad about how dissapointing this was. - visitor