Best Songs From Madonna's American Life

The Top Ten Best Songs From Madonna's American Life

1 X-Static Process
2 Nothing Fails
3 American Life

This song is not good

This song is ok to me - JaysTop10List

4 Die Another Day

It's my favorite song of the bunch but quite honestly doesn't belong on the album. It came from the soundtrack and was added to American Life to make the album appeal to a wider audience. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Intervention

This song is ok - JaysTop10List

6 Mother and Father
7 Love Profusion
8 Hollywood

I'm surprised to see that this one isn't higher.

I can't believe this isn't one - JaysTop10List

9 Nobody Knows Me
10 Easy Ride

lovely‚ô• - Brxtney

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11 I'm So Stupid
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