Best Songs from Madonna's Rebel Heart

The top 10 Songs from Madonna's 2015 album Rebel Heart.

The Top Ten

1 Ghosttown

This is the only Madonna song that I like more than Hung Up once my favourite

I love love this song and my brother likes the topic

2 Joan of Arc

In this song you can here how beautiful Madonnas voice really is

My favorite... hope she does this live

3 Devil Pray

I don't like the things we can do in hell but like the rest of the song

Simply amazing song concerning serious topic. - Tintine

4 Living for Love

I have a solo to this song in my dance group

5 Beautiful Scars
6 Illuminati

I still remember this rhyme "party-illuminati". Just grows on me every year) - Tintine

7 Bitch I'm Madonna
8 Heartbreakcity

I don't like the second line but I absolutely love the rest of the song

That's my favorite part of the song! She's being unfiltered and honest about her pain. You'll see when you're in high school--you get desensitized to the word within a month. (I assume I'm commenting on something written by an 11-13 year old, if not than I know what assume means and yes I am an ass! ) - theOpinionatedOne

9 Iconic

Best song after Joan of arc

10 Wash All Over Me

Me and my friends love to listen to and dance to this song

The Contenders

11 Unapologetic Bitch V 1 Comment
12 Best Night
13 Veni Vidi Vici

This song is okay but I really dislike the begging

14 Messiah

This song is loving and relaxing

15 Rebel Heart

This song brings me a lot closer to my dad

16 Holy Water

Really controversial "Jesus loves my best"

17 Body Shop

It's one of these rare Madonna songs when you might need a mechanical vocabulary to understand her). - Tintine

18 Borrowed Time

Shouldn't be last!

19 Addicted
20 Hold Tight

I like this song because it is emotional while still being bright

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