Best Songs from Madonna's Rebel Heart

The top 10 Songs from Madonna's 2015 album Rebel Heart.

The Top Ten

1 Ghosttown

This is the only Madonna song that I like more than Hung Up once my favourite

I love love this song and my brother likes the topic

2 Joan of Arc

In this song you can here how beautiful Madonnas voice really is

My favorite... hope she does this live

3 Devil Pray

I don't like the things we can do in hell but like the rest of the song

Simply amazing song concerning serious topic. - Tintine

4 Living for Love

I have a solo to this song in my dance group

5 Beautiful Scars
6 Wash All Over Me

Me and my friends love to listen to and dance to this song

7 Illuminati

I still remember this rhyme "party-illuminati". Just grows on me every year) - Tintine

8 Heartbreakcity

I don't like the second line but I absolutely love the rest of the song

That's my favorite part of the song! She's being unfiltered and honest about her pain. You'll see when you're in high school--you get desensitized to the word within a month. (I assume I'm commenting on something written by an 11-13 year old, if not than I know what assume means and yes I am an ass! ) - theOpinionatedOne

9 Bitch I'm Madonna
10 Iconic

Best song after Joan of arc

The Contenders

11 Unapologetic Bitch

Catchy and awesome!

12 Veni Vidi Vici

This song is okay but I really dislike the begging

13 Best Night
14 Rebel Heart

This song brings me a lot closer to my dad

15 Borrowed Time

Shouldn't be last!

Love it ♡ - Brxtney

16 Holy Water

Really controversial "Jesus loves my best"

17 Messiah

This song is loving and relaxing

18 Body Shop

It's one of these rare Madonna songs when you might need a mechanical vocabulary to understand her). - Tintine

19 Addicted
20 Hold Tight

I like this song because it is emotional while still being bright

21 Inside Out

The most beautiful song of this album. Come on!

22 Autotune Baby

I fell in love with this song - Brxtney

23 Graffiti Heart
24 S.E.X.

Good song, but not too good maybe between 10-15

Good song, but not so good maybe between 10-15

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