Songs Madonna Should've Added to Her Compilation Album "Celebration"

"Celebration" was released in 2009 so please, do NOT add songs that were released after 2010.

The Top Ten

1 Rain

I was shocked when I didn't find this song among Celebration's track list. The song charted very well and has a nice lyrics - Irina2932

2 The Power of Good-Bye

Beautiful and very melodious ballad. Its performance was stunning - Irina2932

3 Bad Girl

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked Madonna song. She should've added it to this compilation - Irina2932

4 You'll See

One of her most impressive vocal performances. Very powerful ballad that should have been in this compilation - Irina2932

5 This Used to Be My Playground

One of my favorite Madonna songs - very beautiful, touching, deep... - Irina2932

6 Drowned World/Substitute for Love
7 Spotlight

This catchy Disco/Dance track deserved much bigger promotion. Great but so underrated song - Irina2932

8 Angel
9 Get Together
10 I'll Remember

Fantastic friendship track from Madonna - Irina2932

The Contenders

11 Deeper and Deeper
12 Causing a Commotion
13 Jump
14 True Blue
15 Bedtime Story
16 Human Nature
17 Nothing Really Matters
18 Oh Father
19 What It Feels Like for a Girl
20 Nothing Fails
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Top Remixes

1. Rain
2. You'll See
3. This Used to Be My Playground
1. The Power of Good-Bye
2. Rain
3. This Used to Be My Playground
1. The Power of Good-Bye
2. Bad Girl
3. Rain



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