Best Songs From The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour


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1 Strawberry Fields Forever

Lennon said there were two songs that were from the heart. This one and Help! - mgenet

One of the best psychedelic songs ever! - blinkr735

Quite simply the most evocative song ever written by the Beatles

#1 Beatles song period.

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2 I Am the Walrus

Goo Goo Ga Joob!
and yes that is what the song says not
cuckoo ka choo! - BKAllmighty

THIS SHOULD BE 1 Flying 2 in my opinion because it is the most underrated on the album and on 3 one of the rests

Another example of John's unabashed and unlimited brilliance, imagination and bold creativity. The best!

3 Penny Lane

Not Only is it a great song, but it brings nostalgia, and I love the Song! Reminds me of my trip to New York a long time ago. #1 for me!

Classic song that always makes me happy.
It so fun and gives a feeling of summer.

This song drops you in the middle of a busy town and makes you feel like you are there.

Not as ingenious or creative as Strawberry Fields, but come on it’s Penny Lane it’s such a good song

4 All You Need Is Love

Another track of simple wisdom from John Lennon

5 Hello Goodbye

The most underrated song on the album, that's for sure! - MontyPython

Why isn't this at number one on this list? It is the best on this album, and the most successful.

My favorite Beatles Song

To be honest the only song I don't like is "I Am the Walrus", but if I had to choose a favourite, it'd be this one. - truckturner

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6 The Fool On the Hill

This is the most elegantly structured song on the album, pure genius.

This was my Dad's favourite Beatles song when he was young. - IronSabbathPriest

Most underrated beatle song of all time.

7 Baby You're a Rich Man

Too many good songs on Mystery Tour to name. Blue Jay Way, Walrus, and this are better than most of the songs on any other Beatles album, but they don't receive credit.

8 Magical Mystery Tour
9 Blue Jay Way

Yet another great song that has gone under the radar. It has an interesting vibe. Though not as hypnotic as Julia or Tomorrow Never Knows, the vocals are still just as soothing and the song has a great chorus as well.

Should be much higher - LizardKing99

Should be a lot higher. It has such an interesting atmosphere and creepy feel to it. Harrison did well on this one for sure.

Way ahead of it’s time. Sounds like something Tame Impala would make today. The panning is also really awesome, along with the drumming.

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10 Your Mother Should Know

You guys are sleeping on this song. So damn catchy. - DiamondJoyride

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11 Flying

No one votes for this song. definitely good at #11

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1. Hello Goodbye
2. Your Mother Should Know
3. I Am the Walrus
1. Strawberry Fields Forever
2. Blue Jay Way
3. I Am the Walrus
1. Penny Lane
2. All You Need Is Love
3. Strawberry Fields Forever

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