Best Songs from Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden's 15th Studio Album: The Final Frontier.

The Top Ten

1 When the Wild Wind Blows

The Best Maiden Song!

The artwork of music! One of the best songs by Iron Maiden and easily the best on this

Simply amazing, and the best Iron Maiden song in my opinion. The main melody is beautiful and the track goes from strength to strength, with each new section somehow beating the last.

This isn't only the best song on the album or the best Maiden song, in my opinion, it's the greatest song of all time. It's a masterpiece. It's the last track on the album and Iron Maiden often save the best song til last on many of their albums.
In my opinion, The final frontier is one of their most melodic albums, their four latest albums have all been very melodic and this is one of the most meoldoic songs.
I love the wind blowing in the opening, I love the intro and I love all the rest. In true Maiden style they use the intro again at the end for a fantastic finale.
I also love that it's 11 minutes long, not too short so that I can truly enjoy it.
Not much else I can say other than it's brilliant and it's my favourite song of all time.

2 The Talisman

It's about an epic journey on the seas. It's like Rime of the Ancient Mariner's baby or something.

I think Rime of the Ancient Mariner's baby is The Red and the Black. - Alkadikce

This was one of the first songs that got to me from this release. Maybe it was the slow start, or the explosiveness once the song is in full force. The lyrics are just magnificent, as is the instrumentation. One of the best Maiden songs ever and the best from the album - denglongfist

Great Maiden-esque subject, amazing vocals and brilliant time changes. This song really combines classic Maiden with the modern. Amazing!

The best for sure!

3 Coming Home

Definitely the best song on here. Amazing guitar solos, amazing lyrics that have real meaning behind them. When you sit down and listen to the the lyrics, you realize hoe emotional it is. It's about coming home for the first time in years, and how it is for the band. Absolute classic, and I feel ashamed for the people who didn't vote for it.

hey all don't you understand this has the best guitar solo in the album. Adrian shmit do it again

Very good chill atmosphere and awesome outer-space lyrics it absolutely puts my mind at ease

I cry with the melody of this song. The Dave Murray's solo is one of the best solos in the heavy metal!

4 Satellite 15.....The Final Frontier

I love the prog feel of the intro - MaidenFan666

Satellite 15 is definitely something unexpected from Iron Maiden. I personally think it's great, it's frightening and the music helps convey the storyline and fear that much better. The final frontier is something you would expect from Iron Maiden, and as always, it's very good and has a great guitar solo. - Songsta41

I don't understand why people don't like this song.
Because it is a little bit more progressive than other?
4th place isn't bad but in my opinion it's too low.

The second part of the song is an example of why Iron Maiden has always been at the top. It is short, heavy and with an excellent chorus!

5 El Dorado

Imperfect vocals, but I love the heavy riffing. The song feels a little like 1990s Metallica.

El Dorado is one of those songs that you listen to when you want to hear Iron Maiden at thier best. I wonder if they will make any new albums, if so, I'll buy them aslo.

Great metal song! I love how it builds up to a soaring chorus (not once, but twice! ), and the soloing section is classic Maiden. I'd put this near the top of my all-time favorite Iron Maiden list.

Probably the best of a bad bunch can not get into this album at all and on a personal level this is the worst album done with Bruce by far,El Dorado is a good song but borrows heavily from Barracuda by heart - kieros

6 The Man Who Would Be King

WAY underrated! 1) I love how in typical Maiden fashion this song is a complete musical journey starting with brooding, picking up to cruising speed, then going into that weird prog phase with the solos that made you wonder if you accidentally hit another artist on your iPod, then back to cruise mode. 2) Just like the music, the lyrics are a complete story, not just mindless poetry.

I ignored this one until I came back to the album after playing Legacy of the Beast. Suddenly it seemed surprisingly familiar and memorable.

Simply brilliant. This is all part of the natural progression for the band in my opinion.. It gives it punch without going over the top But at the same time still retaining it's roots. Love it!

Has anyone even heard this song? This is their most underrated song on this album. Please listen to this song before voting for anything else!

7 Starblind

Best song since the 80s. Bar none. It is perfect maiden, with none of the overblown stuff of the other admittedly solid songs.

I vote for this song because it's very underrated. Hey come on people! Listen to it, it's not a perfect song, but it has a great lyrics and a strong, powerful riff and solos. It's great. For me it's a lot better then Coming Home.

Extremely underrated. Combines the best elements of the somewhere in time/seventh son era into one awesome song.

Stunning song, I agree with the fact it's probably the best song since "Seventh Son..." Smith work with the writing and the soloing is incredible!

8 Mother of Mercy

This song is underrated but still cool but why is el dorado higher than this.

My opinion
5 mother of mercy
4 isle of avalon
3 coming home
2 talisman
1 when the wild wind blows

The chorus frustrates me to no end. It feels like Bruce is trying to sing as powerfully as he used to, but only hits the notes without any of the power in other songs. - kempokid

Very, very underappreciated! My top 5 would be : 1) The Talisman
3) When the Wild Wind Blows
4) The Final Frontier
5) El Dorado

My Opinion is:
10. Starblind
9.The Alchemist
8.The Man Who Would be King
7. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
6. El Dorado
5. Isle of Avalon
4. Talisman
3. Mother of Mercy
2. Coming Home
1. When the Wild Wind Blows

9 Isle of Avalon

It's a different style to most of their other songs, but I really like it! - Amz_P

Much better than people give it credit for. Many people don't like it 'because it's "repetitive", but it ain't.

Underrated. It may be long, but it's a really good song. - IronSabbathPriest

Last place! No way, this has an infectious chorus in amongst an atmospheric epic song

10 The Alchemist

I refuse to let this be last. This song sounds like a classic and is my second favourite from this album only to when the wild wind blows, followed by the talisman. Love the riffs and it does pretty much everything I expect from a great iron maiden song.

This song is cruelly underrated. It has an awesome riff and keeps you on edge the whole song, people should vote it up! I know I will! - Songsta41

Each to their own but I would have this much higher

5)The Talisman
4)El Dorado
3)The Alchemist
2)Mother of Mercy
1)When the Wild Wind Blows

This song isn't really the worst or next I don't like 2 popular songs el dorado and coming home. Coming home was alright but el dorado sucked my list of best songs might be very diffrent

1 the talisman
2 when the wild wild winds blows
3 starblind
4 the final fronteir
5 mother of mercy
6 the man who would be king
7 isle of avalon
8 the alchemest
9 satelite 15
10 coming home
11 el dorado

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