Top 10 Songs That Make Fun Of Certain Stereotypes

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1 White Is Right - Pink Guy (White United States Southerners are a bunch of dumb, ignorant, slack-jawed, inbred, alt-right, Klan-allied rednecks)

Beautiful - MetalPope

2 The Metal - Tenacious D (Heavy Metal fanboys worship the devil and absolutely will not allow any other type of music besides metal and hard rock to exist)

I personally don't think this song makes fun of a certain stereotype. It just glorifies metal - Jack Black is a massive metal fan.
Also, the lyrics refer to things that really happened and not to what "metal fanboys" allow or not. For example, the line "Grunge then tried to dethrone the metal, but metal was in the way". This is true and is a fact - in the 90s grunge almost killed metal but, metaphorically, grunge "died" and metal came back stronger than ever. This happened thanks to metal musicians who continued making music and not to "metal fanboys". Metal just went more underground in the 90s. - Metal_Treasure

3 Chocolate Salty Balls - Isaac Hayes (Afro-American men are extremely well-endowed and seductive, specialize in jazz/funk/soul music and have a major fetish for fattening foods)
4 Paranoid Android - Radiohead (Millenials act ridiculously depressed and overdramatic about everything and are completely antisocial and often downright sociopathic basket cases of people)
5 White & Nerdy - Weird Al (White people whose stage names aren’t Eminem generally aren’t “cool” and “hip” enough to make it in the rap business either)
6 When I Was Your Age - Weird Al (Grumpy old men never stop lecturing their grandchildren about how much harder life was back in the old days)
7 Girlfriend - Kabbage Boy (Nu-Metal is for emo pansies)
8 America, F*** Yeah - Team America (The United States narcissistically worships itself as the official god of all countries)
9 I Love The Smelly Feet - Submarine Man (Modern-day rappers write completely brain-dead lyrics and can’t sing without Autotune to save their lives)
10 Small D*** - Pink Guy (White men are jealous of black men for being better-endowed and better at basketball than them)
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11 Flex Like David Icke - Pink Guy (Conspiracy Theorists are a Bunch of Deranged, Clueless Idiots)


(ALSO, OUR PRESIDENT’S A CLONE) - xandermartin98

12 Furr - Pink Guy (Anyone that Doesn't Support Peta Must Automatically Hate All Animals and Want Them All to Burn)
13 Meme Machine - Pink Guy (Millennials are So Obsessed with Memes that They "Literally" Cannot Live Without Them)
14 No Surprises - Radiohead (Suburban Teenagers are Bored with How Easy Their Lives are and Want to Kill Themselves Because of It)
15 Real Hip Hop - Politikz (Soundcloud Rappers are Hopeless Idiots)
16 Hardware Store - Weird Al (Americans Just Can't Get Enough of Home Depot and Lowe's)
17 Smells Like Nirvana - Weird Al (Kurt Cobain is Remembered More for How Heavily He Slurred His Words Than Anything Else)
18 Fitter Happier - Radiohead (Modern-Day Society Turns People Into Soul-Less Robots)
19 The Beer Song - Burt Wilson (Rednecks and Hillbillies Just Can’t Get Enough of Their Beer)
20 Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld - South Park (Heavy Metal is Retarded)
21 Gays 4 Donald - Pink Guy (Donald Trump's Supporters Worship Him Like a Greek God)
22 Help - Pink Guy (Millennials Act Like They Have It Rough When They Really, Really Don't)
23 I Love Toes - Noah Bot (Makes Fun of Foot Fetishes)
24 Vent Session - Noah Boat & Z.J (Makes Fun of Soundcloud Rappers Who Say the Same Thing Over and Over)
25 Real Hip Hop - Politikz (White Rappers Constantly Brag About Being White)
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