Top Ten Songs That Make You Think

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21 American Idiot - Green Day
22 Hurt - Johnny Cash
23 The Bard's Song (In the Forest) - Blind Guardian

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names - Metal_Treasure

24 Day After Day - Badfinger
25 Ready to Fall - Rise Against

Rise Against is one of my favorite bands, and they have tons of other phenomenal songs, but this one drives a nail through my heart when it reminds me how bad a shape our world is in especially the music video. Remember, we've got one planet, on chance.

"Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong"

It really proves a point, we can't go on living like this or we will fall of that rooftoop!

26 Man That You Fear - Marilyn Manson

Such a sad song. It describes what made Manson the way he is now. A man feared by society. Everyone should listen to this song before they die.

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27 Young - Hollywood Undead
28 Survive - Rise Against

Another winner by Rise Against, with a chorus that could fuel your motives for a lifetime

Amazing, just amazing. Perfectly describes life. Amazing chorus, as well.

"Life for you, (who we are) has been less than kind
So take a number, (who we are) stand in line
We've all been sorry, (who we are) we've all been hurt
But how we survive, (who we are) is what makes us who we are"...

29 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
30 Drowned World / Substitute for Love - Madonna

The way we often run after our carriers, we forget all simple and at the same time the only real treasures - our family, people we love, beauty of this world... why don't we stop and look around?...

31 It's All Understood - Jack Johnson
32 Jade Yek Tarafeh - Morteza Pashaei

I wish I could kiss your voice

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33 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
34 Love Hurts - Nazareth

Just so you know, if your mind jumped to someone when you saw the song title, your either in love or out of luck

35 Hero of War - Rise Against

What is really worth dying for. Or rather, is there anything worth killing for?

Man does this song get you good in the emotion category - Curti2594

The last verse hits so hard

36 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

I literally love this song with all my heart. It made me cry, especially after a reacent breakup:( It makes you think so deeply, I wrecks your mind for answers that you know you will never find. You must listen to it, I'm obsessed:'-)

37 No Surprises - Radiohead

Make me thinkin' about the whole world :'(

38 We Are All Made of Stars - Moby
39 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
40 Express Yourself - Madonna
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