Best Songs on Marilyn Manson's Heaven Upside Down

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1 Threats of Romance

Solely based on a melodic composition and disregarding lyrics, this is the absolute best track on an otherwise mediocre and forgettable album. The crash and climax is amazing throughout the track; the guitar segments are fantastic, the western standoff tune along with the blues-and-jazz mix all fall into play but the most important and most significant feature is the primary climax which is first heard immediately as the intro. The intro is the most impacting and powerful and remains stagnant through the track as a whole, particularly heightened as the primary refrain when the background music has the highly significant crescendo. It also has the most heavy metal and maintains a much stronger feeling than the remainder of this album. The systematic crash in the music is reminiscent of a video game boss fight and is amazing due to the potential climax in both the lyrics and the music. Based on the melody alone, "Threats of Romance" is levels above the remainder of the tracks on this ...more

This is an excellent song! Manson really saved the best for last on the album this time; not only does this song end the album, it goes out with a bang just as a Manson album should!

This song is amazing with a western feel and that awesome showdown style throughout; plus it has that knockout intro and spectacular ending!

1. Threats of Romance
2. Je$u$ Cri$i$
3. Tattooed in Reverse
4. We Know Where You F***ing Live
5. Blood Honey
6. Kill4Me
7. Saturnalia
8. Say10
9. Heaven Upside Down
10. Revelation #12

2 Saturnalia
3 We Know Where You F***ing Live

One of my favourite MM songs.

4 Je$u$ Cri$i$

This song is like two separate songs as it has two enormously different segments with completely different feeling. The first half is quite lame and builds to the highly preferable sudden climax. The second half of the song is the amazing knockout that is unlike any other on the entire album. The moment "I'm like a Jesus crisis, and I make it all for you! " is screamed the chorus chanting and the bgm skyrockets to an ultimate climax in vocal skill and perfect synchronization with the pendulum sound of the amazing guitar work. This is the ultimate climax on the album and it's the second-best track due to the second half of the song being so damn good; the only other track this amazing is "threats of romance" and that ones a winner from start to finish!

The first half of the song is utter trash. The second half is just mind-blowing knock your socks off amazing music! I had to vote for this cause of the major silence and crescendo at 2:11 and enormous musical climax at 2:19. That was just way too good dammit!

The instrumental climax and the sudden scream in the middle of this track is amazing! And those chants are just wow! What an awesome song! It all just builds up to that point and explodes perfectly in Manson style!

Due to the amazing $&@#%+* suspenseful music at 2:10 to 3:15, this song is a ten out of ten masterpiece work of art!

5 Say10
6 Tattooed in Reverse

My favorite song from Marilyn manson,it's very perfect

7 Blood Honey

My personal favorite

8 Heaven Upside Down

Best song of the album. After that I pick 'Saturnalia'.

9 Revelation #12
10 Kill4me Kill4me Cover Art
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