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1 Cupid Carries a Gun

How can this not be first place!? It holds the most impactful bgm and has the most prominent melody of all tracks on this album. The only other track on the album to have a remotely memorable tune is "warship my wreck." After careful listening, "Cupid carries a gun" is the best track since the "personal Jesus" cover! It holds an amazing riff unlike any other since Pink Floyd's "dogs of war." This track has one of the most amazing systematic synchronized background tunes ever composed and every beat perfectly matches the lyrics at the moment of every crash. The crescendo and climax throughout are also highly unforgettable. This should be number one hands down as it's not just the best on this album but one of Manson's overall best compositions.

This is an excellent piece of music! It is the best that "The Pale Emperor" has to offer and it's not only memorable, but highly surpasses the remainder of the album!

This is the greatest song ever!


2 Warship My Wreck

This is an amazing track and has one of the most powerful instrumental compositions throughout the full length of the piece; there's a fierce tension that builds and collects through the first portion and collapses in an explosive climax. The primary chorus is only there to guide the dark mood of the instrumental verse through its fierce guitar tune. The ending is phenomenal with the matching of the "Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules
If I can glue them back together" lyrical verse with the falling denouement of the track as a whole. This is an amazing piece of music and is second only to the "Cupid carries a Gun" track when it comes to the melody and beat. It easily tops the remainder of the album and is one of Manson's most melodically driven songs.

3 Deep Six

I mean, "Cupid Carries a Gun" is a fantastic song [it is number 1 at the time of this post], but it really does pale in comparison to the song "Deep Six".

4 Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

I'd rather be your victim, than to be with you - Marilyn Manson

5 Odds of Even

Atmospheric and slow-moving track but holds a fierce riff and sustained melody to penetrate the barrier in synchronization with the drop in musical tone along with the "angels die in the arms of demons" lyrical passage!

Dark atmosphere and terrific lyrics, best of all

6 The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

Rock's not dead because MM is still here. Great song.

The best MM song! - Joker834

7 Slave Only Dreams to Be King
8 Killing Strangers
9 Birds of Hell Awaiting
10 The Devil Beneath My Feet
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1. Cupid Carries a Gun
2. Warship My Wreck
3. Odds of Even
1. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
2. Odds of Even
3. Slave Only Dreams to Be King
1. Slave Only Dreams to Be King
2. Cupid Carries a Gun
3. Warship My Wreck

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