Best Songs from Marina and the Diamonds' Electra Heart

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1 Buy the Stars

It's one of the saddest songs on the album. This should've been on the US version of EH.

This song makes me cry so much, I wish it was on iTunes


Lonely Hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ Club Is Pretty Amazing Too

2 Teen Idle

Teen Idle has got to be the darkest song on the album. It's a shame that it's not number two or number one, I adore it so much, it's my favourite song on the album

This is such a deep and emotional song and it's ridiculous that it's not higher on this list. The lyrics are amazing and it has a really awesome vibe to it

This song has a very melancholic yet tender vibe to it

3 Starring Role

I love this song so much, it’s so catchy but sad! It’s kinda sad but happy at the same time...if you know what I mean...

4 Bubblegum Bitch

It has a very Britney feel to it

5 Fear and Loathing

So beautiful, and Marinas voice is stunning!

6 Primadonna
7 Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the dolls is very meaningful and melancholic, I love it..

My favorite

8 Lies
9 Power & Control
10 Homewrecker

So low on the list it's not even funny. Girl come on, this is one of the best songs on the album. Girl bye :(

The Contenders

11 How to Be a Heartbreaker
12 Hypocrates

Hypocrates is actually very under-appreciated. It may not be enough, lyric-wise, but it still has an interesting message behind it.

The chorus and outro are gorgeous. Her message of hypocrisy is incredibly relevant to almost everybody and the title is extremely clever. My favorite song from Electra Heart.

For some reason this is my least favourite song by marina - PugsfromMoon

THis sucks but is on the album

13 Sex Yeah

This should be number one on the list. The message in this song is very true, because this is the society we live in. This is my favourite song on EH

The most meaningful song on Electra Heart, and it also has a catchy beat to it which makes it enjoyable to listen to

One of my favourite songs from Marina. Not only does it have a great tune but it also has a deep meaning behind it.

The social commentary is amazing.

14 Radioactive

When she sings it in her concert everyone goes crazy and yet no one votes for the song! - mood333

15 The State of Dreaming


16 Living Dead

This song is also very underrated

17 E.V.O.L
18 Lonely Hearts Club
19 Electra Heart
20 Su-Barbie-A

Wattpad @melodramas_

A frightening yet beautiful song made of vintage commercials to represent the stereotype of the housewife role.

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