Best Songs from the Mars Volta's Amputechture

This is the third album by progressive rock band the Mars Volta. Despite a lot of people saying that this album is very weak, it's honestly one of my favourites by the band.

The Top Ten Best Songs from the Mars Volta's Amputechture

1 Day of the Baphomets

I like the almost tribal sound that the intro has, along with the general high energy it has. The song feels more structured than a lot of the album, the best part about this song is the last three minutes, which significantly ramp up the song. - kempokid

2 Tetragrammaton

This song is absolutely insane, with discordant riffs, a ridiculous amount of transitions and tempo changes, slightly discomforting vocals and vocal effects, and amazing saxophone lines. Even when everything slows down, the background noise creates a simultaneously busy and sparse soundscape. - kempokid

3 Viscera Eyes

I like the electronic/dance influence in the intro combined with their more jazzy side. The riff is also one of the most defined and groovy on the album. Overall, it has a very nice amount of energy with it and is just generally amazing. - kempokid

4 Meccamputechture

The intro to this is by far the best part of the album, possibly their entire career. The chorus backs up the unbelievable quality of this song, as it's powerful and has an amazing melody. To wrap it up, the outro is absolute perfection, with amazing use of the saxophone. - kempokid

This song rocks, that ending still has yet to be topped by TMV - NightmareCinema

5 Vicarious Atonement

An amazingly atmospheric song that sets up the album perfectly, providing a mix of ambient noise and chaotic brass. - kempokid

6 Vermicide

One of the more simplistic songs on the album, nothing particularly insane here, but definitely a nice song with extremely high quality musicianship. Probably the most focused that the band has been while still maintaining their unique sound. - kempokid

7 Asilos Magdalena

I love how laid back and pleasant this song is, with nice, slow guitar and some Spanish singing, creating a relaxing atmosphere the is slowly taken down by the gradual increase of distortion. Highly underrated song in my opinion. - kempokid

8 El Ciervo Vulnerado

While the weakest song on the album, I still don't hate it. It is somewhat boring though - kempokid

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