Best Songs from the Mars Volta's Frances the Mute

The Mars Volta is a progressive rock band formed by Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López in 2001. Frances the Mute is the second album by them and was released on February 21st 2005 in Europe and on March 1st in America. I think that it's a pretty great album overall.

The Top Ten

1 Cassandra Gemini

This 32 minute masterpiece is absolutely insane, going from one place to another in the blink of an eye, without ever dropping its quality. The first 20 minutes absolutely rocks, with many memorable riffs and good vocals, and the last part is quiet but still great. - kempokid

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2 L'Via L'Viaquez L'Via L'Viaquez

It's just such a fun, energetic song all around, the Spanish lyrics just add to this. I like the constant changes between slow and fast and just find the entire song to be extremely enjoyable. The guitar work is also extremely good. - kempokid

3 Miranda, that Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore

This is a beautiful song in many ways. The atmosphere in this one is absolutely amazing, and the outro is extremely good as well. I'd put this higher if it was cut by about 4 minutes though, as the intro and outro both drag on to some extent. - kempokid

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4 Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus

I love the majority of this song, due to it's energetic, slightly spastic nature. As always, it's a very dynamic song with a high level of musicianship. Once again, my issue lies in the pointless noise at the end that doesn't add much to the song. - kempokid

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5 The Widow

While the main portion of the song is very good and nice, the 3 minutes at the end with the constant noise is quite grating and takes away from what could have been a much greater song - kempokid

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6 Frances the Mute

Nice catch to whoever added this, I completely forgot about it and it does deserve to be on the list despite not officially being part of the album - kempokid

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