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1 Dystopia

This is a top 10 Megadeth song in opinion. The guitar in the intro and throughout the song is amazing, Dave's voice sounds really good, the drums are very good, and the ending is just absolutely incredible.

My vote goes to the title track. Great song and a solid album all around. - DzDeadlyy

Epic...i guess as good as peace sells tornado of souls and symphony of destruction...simply outrageous

1. Dystopia
2. Fatal Illusion
3. Poisonous Shadows
4. The Threat Is Real
5. Conquer or Die
6. Post American World
7. Bullet to the Brain
8. Death From Within
9. The Emperor
10. Melt the Ice Away
11. Lying In State
12. Foreign Policy - BekoT.

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2 The Threat is Real

Then why did you make a list?

My Top 10 from the album

1. The Threat is Real
2. The Emperor
3. Dystopia
4. Fatal Illusion
5. Poisonous Shadows
6. Bullet to the Brain
7. Death from Within
8. Conquer... Or Die!
9. Lying in State
10. Post-American World

1. The Threat is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Poisonous Shadows
5. Bullet in the Brain
6. The Emperor
7. Death from Within
8. Conquer or Die!
9. Post American World
10. Lying in th State
11. Last Dying Wish
12. Look Who's Talking

For me:
1.The Threat Is Real
3.Fatal Illusion
4.Lying in State
5.Poisonous Shadows
6.Post American World
7.The Emperor
8.Bullet to the Brain
9.Death From Within
10.Conquer or Die!
11.Foreign Policy

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3 Poisonous Shadows

1. Fatal Illusion 2. Poisonous Shadows 3. Death from within 4. Bullet to the Brain 5. Conquer or die (call of ktulu anyone? ) 6. Post american world



4 Fatal Illusion

Bass part, angry lyrics with vivid imagery, fast changes between guitars, heart monitor sound in mid song come on best song of the album by far and from experience its one of the best songs to circle pit! EVIL NEVER DIES IT NEVER DIES!

1. Fatal Illusion - The best song since Dread and the Fugitive Mind in 2001
2. Death From Within
3. The Threat Is Real
4. Bullet to the Brain - Very Underrated
5. Dystopia - Too Much Like Hangar 18
6. The Emperor
7. Post American World
8. Poisonous Shadows
9. Melt The Ice Away
10. Foreign Policy
11. Conquer or Die!
12. Lying in State - Sucks

This is pretty pointless. way too early to judge. - gemcloben

1.Fatal Illusion
3.The Threat Is Real
4.Bullet to the Brain
5.Poisonous Shadows
6.Death From Within
7.The Emperor
8.Look Who's Talking
9.Conquer or Die
10.Post American World
11.Lying In State
12.Last Dying Wish
13.Foreign Policy

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5 Conquer or Die

The best instrumental I've heard in a long time!

Best instrumental in megadeth history

Sounds kinda like Can Can the classical song. Love it so much

Amazing instrumental song

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6 Bullet to the Brain

AMAZING! this and poisonous shadows are the two best songs in my opinion

1.Bullet to the Brain
2.Fatal Illusion
4.Poisonous Shadows
5.The Threat Is Real
6.Death From Within
7.The Emperor
8.Conquer or Die
9.Post American World
10.Lying In State
11.Foreign Policy
But all songs are so amazing!

7 The Emperor

That's the best song in this album how the hell it's on the last lines

8 Death from Within

My personal favorite, most aggressive on the album in my opinion.

I'm in love with the chorus!

9 Post American World

One of the best megadeth songs

10 Lying In State

The heaviest thrashiest Megadeth song EVER

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11 Look Who's Talking
12 Last Dying Wish
13 Me Hate You
14 Foreign Policy
15 Melt the Ice Away
16 Fear V 1 Comment
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1. Fatal Illusion
2. The Threat is Real
3. Poisonous Shadows
1. Dystopia
2. The Threat is Real
3. Fatal Illusion
1. Fatal Illusion
2. Dystopia
3. Poisonous Shadows

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