Album Review : Killing Is My Business by Megadeth

I was bored. So I decided to review an album. I chose 'Killing Is My Business' by Megadeth. I don't know if I'm ever going to do another album review soon, but for now, let's focus on this review.
I reviewed the songs while listening, so my opinions might change overtime. Oh, and I didn't focus on the lyrics, because lyrics and music aren't the same thing.
Nonetheless, enjoy this review!

1. Last Rites / Loved To Deth
The piano intro is very good and fast-paced. Then, the fast-paced riffs kick in, which then follow into a slightly slower verse.
And to be honest, Dave's vocals aren't that good on this song (in my opinion), and they are a bit in the background. The riffs, however, aren't bad, and the guitar solo is pretty good.
Oh, and the laughing noises are kind of weird. Still a decent track.
2. Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
The guitar riff in the intro is quite good, and Dave's vocals are slightly better too. Then, the fast part kicks in, which then slows down later.
Then, the song gets faster - again - during the chorus.
The guitar solo is pretty good, but Dave's vocals during the chorus are meh.
3. The Skull Beneath The Skin
The intro isn't bad, and the riffs are pretty good. The lead guitar is good too.
About the verse: Dave's vocals aren't that bad, and the guitars during the verses are good.
The chorus is decent, and the guitar solo is - again - good.
4. These Boots
The slow intro with the fast lead guitar is really good. Then, the song gets faster, with a pretty good bassline.
The riff during the verse is pretty good. The chorus is not bad at all.
Again, Dave's vocals aren't that bad.
5. Rattlehead
Very fast-paced intro, and the vocals kick in quickly, with a good riff.
The lead guitar is - again - also very good.
The slower part in the album is good too, and I'm starting to get used to Dave's vocals.
The guitar solo is really good like always.
6. Chosen Ones
Very good intro riff, and the verses are pretty good, with awesome riffs. Very good and fast guitar solo, and overall, I really enjoy this song.
Dave doesn't sound bad at all on this song, in my opinion. This is, by far, one of the best songs on the album.
7. Looking Down The Cross
A slow intro, with a fast lead guitar. Compared to the other songs, the verse is relatively slow, but that isn't bad.
Dave's voice sounds pretty decent with the lead and rhythm guitar during the verse, and the bass is also good.
The part where the song speeds up is very good. Again, it has an awesome lead guitar solo.
8. Mechanix
The rhythm guitar intro is slow. Then, the riff kicks in...
The verse is really good, and the chorus is also very well-done. The guitar solo is also very awesome.
I don't know which one I prefer (The Four Horsemen or Mechanix), but I really, really like both.
Nonetheless, this song is very awesome.

Album rating: 7 + 8x2 + 9x2 + 10x3 = 71.
100 : 80 = 1.25
71 x 1.25 = 88.75 = 89.
Final rating: 89/100

Final thoughts on this album: This album is pretty good - it has very great rhythm guitar riffs, good drumming, nice basslines, and amazing guitar solos. I really like this album. That's all I can say about it.

I hope you enjoyed my review.


Good review! (I don't know these songs though.) But still, great job! - TheFourthWorld

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