Best Songs From Megadeth's Album Peace Sells... But Who's Buying


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1 Peace Sells

What do you mean I hate Megadeth? Listen to it everyday!

A song built with the fury of the sex pistols, the aggressiveness of early thrash and the originality of dave mustaine. True metal

I wanna jump off the window when I listen to this one its extraordinary out of this damn place

For me:
1.Peace Sells
2.Wake Up Dead
3.Good Mourning/Black Friday
4.Devil's Island
5.My Last Words
6.Bad Omen
7.The Conjuring
8.I Ain't Superstitious

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2 Good Mourning / Black Friday

This song is easily the best on peace sells. The creepy intro, the haunting solos, and the brutal thrash at the end easily makes it the top on the album.

The greatest two and half minutes of serious masterpiece, good mourning, witch makes me to regard it as one of two best songs, including call of ktulu, I ever listened to.

intro among best metal pieces I've ever heard.
Perfect example of mustaine contrasting slow to all out thrash

For me, it's either Wake up Dead or this song. There's something about this song that I can't really describe, so I picked this one.

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3 Wake Up Dead

Good Mourning / Black Friday is pretty overrated. Great intro and transition to the thrash section, but the thrash section isn't quite as technical as Megadeth normally is... sounds more like Anthrax, and also the lyrics are just disgusting. Wake Up Dead is probably the best song on the album behind the title track, the constant transitions and solos and riffs are just amazing for a song that's not even 4 minutes. Fastest intro to a song ever. Devil's Island is also great and pretty underrated, along with My Last Words.

Somewhat lacking in lyrics, but the music makes up for it and much more! Awesome song. - Element119

Am I the only one who actually can't stand this song?! My least favorite on this album

#4?!?! By far the best song on the album.

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4 My Last Words

Though it's starts of slow with a very melodic intro and leads in a straightforward manner, it's got a memorable riff and gar samuelson rocking the double bass along Ellefson's amazing bass lines, providing more than enough energy for Dave Mustaine to follow up with one of his best solos.

There's no "best song" in Peace Sells, each one owns but my favourite is this. Everything about it is interesting, memorable and badass.

Hard time choosing between this and black friday

Underrated song.

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5 The Conjuring

Dude Peace Sells is my favorite Megadeth album and while I do like Rust in Peace, it took me a while to kind of click with the album, as crazy as may that sound. For Peace Sells, the first song opener got me immediately and song after song this is just masterpiece of an album. In my opinion this is their best album, while Rust is a close second. I think another reason why I prefer this album over Rust is because the Chris and Gar lineup was my favorite and the Marty and Nick is my second favorite. Its hard to choose a favorite for me but ultimately end up choosing the Chris and Gar era, both are awesome though! m/

This is a real good song. I don't know what its doing so far below. Actually I didn't like the song the first few times that I heard. But later something clicked and I was able to understand that this was a beauty of composition

Dude, I can feel this song's intro in my soul

OBEY - Glauberson

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6 Devil's Island

Such a badass thrash track. In my opinion, leagues ahead of The Conjuring (which is already great). Album ranking in my opinion is:
#1) Peace Sells
#2) Wake Up Dead
#3) Devil's Island
#4) My Last Words
#5) The Conjuring
#6) Bad Omen
#7) Good Mourning / Black Friday
#8) I Ain't Superstitious

My favorites are peace sells, wake up dead, black Friday, and my last words. But I voted this because I think it should be in the top five instead of the Conjuring.

Very underrated. The intro is so good

Devils Island is acculy a prison that is no longer running. In the song, a person is taken to Devils island to get the death penalty. Dave did a great job writing the song because he explains how there is no escape. In my oppion defenenly in the top 5 many top 3 on the album. Very underrated song. I wish Dave played it more often.

7 Bad Omen

This song is awesome. Deserves better than 7th. - IronSabbathPriest

Most underrated song on the album. - JCchrom3

8 I Ain't Superstitious

This actually has some very good solos


9 Good Mourning / Black Friday (Randy Burns Mix)
10 Wake Up Dead (Randy Burns Mix)

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11 Peace Sells (Randy Burns Mix)
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1. My Last Words
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