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1 All About That Bass All About That Bass

I listen to you're song every day

Yes I vote for all about that bass because each Meghan trainer song
Has a belonging in it

2 Dear Future Husband Dear Future Husband V 1 Comment
3 Lips Are Movin Lips Are Movin V 1 Comment
4 3am 3am
5 Title Title

Okay, um, no offense, but this song is REALLY WEIRD. She talks about kissing, being seen naked in bed by her boyfriend, kissing her @$$ goodbye, and releases the S bomb in the second verse. The song is SUPER catchy, though. It's like the catchiest, dirtiest song I've ever heard. The worst part? I actually really like Meghan Tranior, with her songs like Lips are Movin and All About That Bass. But this song is just MESSED UP. - RockFashionista

6 Like I'm Gonna Lose You Like I'm Gonna Lose You
7 Walkashame Walkashame

Walkashame is catchy it is so awesome it reminds us that we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect

8 My Selfish Heart My Selfish Heart
9 The Best Part (Interlude) The Best Part (Interlude)

This is literally so cute! I don't know I love her voice in this, wish it was longer - *songbird3434* - songbird3434

10 Bang Dem Sticks Bang Dem Sticks

Bang dem sticks shoul be second and walks shame first there both stuck in my head so much I don't exactly know what it means but it is very catchy

The Contenders

11 No Good for You No Good for You
12 Credit Credit
13 Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes
14 What If I What If I
15 Mr. Almost Mr. Almost
16 I'll Be Home
17 All About That Bass (Instrumental Version)
18 Title (Instrumental Version)
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1. Credit
2. My Selfish Heart
3. The Best Part (Interlude)
1. All About That Bass
2. Lips Are Movin
3. Dear Future Husband
1. All About That Bass
2. Dear Future Husband
3. 3am

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