Best Songs On Meghan Trainor's Title


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1 All About That Bass

I listen to you're song every day

Yes I vote for all about that bass because each Meghan trainer song
Has a belonging in it

2 Lips Are Movin

Loss in more

3 Dear Future Husband

Me part Meghan train or

4 3am
5 Title

Okay, um, no offense, but this song is REALLY WEIRD. She talks about kissing, being seen naked in bed by her boyfriend, kissing her @$$ goodbye, and releases the S bomb in the second verse. The song is SUPER catchy, though. It's like the catchiest, dirtiest song I've ever heard. The worst part? I actually really like Meghan Tranior, with her songs like Lips are Movin and All About That Bass. But this song is just MESSED UP. - RockFashionista

6 Walkashame

Walkashame is catchy it is so awesome it reminds us that we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect

7 My Selfish Heart
8 Like I'm Gonna Lose You
9 The Best Part (Interlude)

This is literally so cute! I don't know I love her voice in this, wish it was longer - *songbird3434* - songbird3434

10 Bang Dem Sticks

Bang dem sticks shoul be second and walks shame first there both stuck in my head so much I don't exactly know what it means but it is very catchy

The Contenders

11 No Good for You
12 Credit
13 Close Your Eyes
14 What If I
15 Mr. Almost
16 I'll Be Home
17 All About That Bass (Instrumental Version)
18 Title (Instrumental Version)
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