Top 10 Songs Mentioning Babylon

Babylon can be mentioned in the title or the lyrics of the songs.

Babylon was a city and kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia dating back to 2300 BC. The remains of the city are in present-day Iraq.

Babylon's cultural importance, historical significance and references to it in the Bible, got the attention of many musicians. The word "Babylon" is often used in the popular culture (with different meaning though).

The Top Ten

1 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow
2 Babylon's Burning - W.A.S.P.
3 By the Waters of Babylon - Will Butler
4 Rivers of Babylon - Boney M.
5 Babylon - Edguy
6 Hollywood Babylon - The Misfits
7 Rebel of Babylon - Metallica
8 Chant Down Babylon - Bob Marley & The Wailers
9 Mechanical Babylon - Septicflesh
10 Where the Hell is Babylon - Cockney Rejects

Where The Hell Is Babylon? - I explained this in the list description and now you know where it is. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Big City Life - Mattafix

"And right now Babylon de pon me case"

The first song that came to my mind when I read the word Babylon. In 2005 - holy, that was 12 years ago, I'm getting old - this song was everywhere, and about two years later we sang this at school in English class. Which of course is hard because the chorus isn't in regular English but some slang that I as a non-native speaker don't know. I initially liked the song, but the group never had any other hit and even though it was very successful (quick check on Wikipedia tells me it peaked at number 1 in the charts) it completely vanished out of people's brain. Many 2000s pop hits still get airplay today but for whatever reason this doesn't. I almost forgot it.

Thanks for creating this list, so I could walk down memory lane a bit. - Martin_Canine

12 Plagues of Babylon - Iced Earth
13 Babylon's Burning - Ruts
14 Shine Over Babylon - Sheryl Crow
15 Babylon - Blue Cheer
16 Babylon - David Gray
17 Babylon - Scars on Broadway
18 Babylon Sisters - Steely Dan
19 Rivers of Babylon - Sublime
20 On the Road to Babylon

Manfred Mann's Earthband

21 Babylon - 5 Seconds of Summer

We burned too bright, now the fire's gone, watch it all fall down, Babylon

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