Best Songs On Metallica's Black Album


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1 The Unforgiven

Oh, It really hearts me when I just hear it's name...For me it's the Absolute best..A real perfect and complete optimum heavy metal song...The mysterious horn intro...Acoustic intoduction...Very emotional lyrics...Best Vocal...The legendary kirk's solo (Full of feelings)...Unbelievable favorable Drums...The never ending fading outro of "never free never me"...A True Legendary Masterpiece

Not #1. This song's riff is almost identical to "Fade To Black.'' #1 should be Enter Sandman.

The Unforgiven is one of the best songs Metallica has ever written. Enter Sandman is good, but SO overrated.

Deep song with Kirk Hammet's more emotional solo - RichHomelessGreedyMan

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2 Enter Sandman

Best Songs Ever In This Album

Terrible of the worst song my ear has ever received - Vip3r

Don't take it as an insult, but I feel like you say the same about half of the songs in the world. - Alkadikce

Some may consider it overrated, but it remains one of the most popular and iconic thrash metal songs of all time. The opening always sends chills up my spine, and if you have been to a Metallica live show then you'll know that it's probably their most interactive song.

That's my favourite Metallica song! It's sad that Metallica didn't make their next songs similar to those in black album.

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3 Nothing Else Matters

I prefer this over Enter Sandman. - Userguy44

My favorite Metallica song of all-time! Nothing Else Matters is one of the best songs Metallica has ever written. And I do like the S&M version of this song as well!

Unforgiven touches a special place in the heart, Enter Sandman is fun, but come on guys. Nothing Else Matters is a classic Metallica ballad for the ages. People need to vote for this one right here. Need convincing? Go watch a live performance of this song.

This and enter sandman are the best. - dragon13304

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4 Wherever I May Roam

Better than Sad But True and Enter Sandman. Please vote this one up! - Userguy44

Song structure and intro are amazing. Lyrics are awesome just as guitar work. Wherever I may roam is for me highlight of the album. It should be above enter sandman

Probably my favourite Metallica song from this album. Enter Sandman use to be my favourite but then I heard this song. It's better not by much but definitely better.

No Contest. This Song Rules. Period

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5 Sad But True

Hell yeah, amazing song. - CharismaticKat

While this album is somewhat inconsistent, I cannot deny that this song rocks, especially with that great riff - kempokid

What can I say? The guitar riffs are heavy and awesome! - Userguy44

Riff hits like a damn train and I love it - Spiderman209942

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6 My Friend of Misery

It should be a crime to not remmeber this. Criminally underrated. Also the best. Absolute masterpiece. - lilrocketman

Everyone talking about kirks solo... Well this song along blackened where completo written by newsted and that bass is probably the BEST bass line ever done. I think that the black album could Have been so much better if james and Lara didn't oprress his creativity.

The bass intro is so awesome. The lyric also meaningful. Great solo from Kirk and amazing vocal from James. Should be at the first place. YOU STILL STOOD THERE SCREAMING.

This is one of my favorite Metallica songs of all-time! Should be at least in the top 3.

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7 The God that Failed

Pretty sweet bass intro. Deserves a much higher place. Enter Sandman is very overrated.

This should be a little higher on this list! The bass intro is awesome! Wow. Songs like Sad But True are higher than this?! Vote for God That Failed!

One of the most crushingly heavy songs I have ever heard. "I SEE FAITH IN YOUR EYES! " The guitars trading the riff at the beginning is AWESOME.

This song is at least #7 common

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8 Of Wolf and Man

This deserves a higher place. Vote for it or the wolf will find you! - Userguy44

Honestly this is in my top 3's - Conabone

It is the catchiest Metallica song ever. People, give it a listen, no body listens to this song. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Please listen.

Wow! The struggle within and don't tread on me higher than this masterpiece!?!
This should be higher, honestly.

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9 Don't Tread on Me


I love this song it is BADASS

I heard this song just while ago and liked it. I nearly immediately started to look guitar tabs and learnt the song pretty quick. So beat it - part is my favourite part of this song. For me better song than Enter Sandman. The Sandman's main guitar riff is pretty badass but still the song itself is so overrated.

Best metallica song so deep

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10 Through the Never

I can accept The Unforgiven, but it's known that Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matter are overrated! Through The Never is amazing, the riff is absolutely fantastic: that's way this song's title was used for a film!

This should be a little higher.

Last Thrash song by Metallica. still kicks ass

It isn't my favourite song in this album, but it deserves to be fifth for its energy!

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11 Holier Than Thou

Extremely Underrated

Such an underrated song from an overrated album. So catchy with amazing riffs. Deserves the spot of best underrated hard rock song.

I actually think the album is underrated excluding Enter Sandman. - MrQuaz680

Not my favorite, but the lyrics of this one hit the nail on the head. Every single person should listen to this song because of that, just saying.

This is the best song on the album. not really a fan of sandman. holier than thou is my favorite Metallica song of all time! ! ! Just plain awesome.

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12 The Struggle Within

The singing melody didn't mesh well with the sound - RichHomelessGreedyMan

quite epic

Probably the most agressive song on this album. It reminds me of their thrashy era’s. - Userguy44

When I hear this song, I start to understand where Metallica was headed with their sound. There's no way you can hear this song and say they aren't metal! Chunky chuggin' riffs with screamed lyrics. The solo is one of Kirk's best on the album. For such a short song, it delivers some well emphasized ass-kicking!

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13 So What - Metallica
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