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1 One One

This ONE simply should be first because of the outro, the best outro in a song I've ever seen. The build-up to it is fine too, so first spot.

Worst song ever. Metallica sucks

Certainly a classic!

1. One
2. Justice
3. Blackened
4. Dyers Eve
5. Harvester of Sorrow
6. To Live is to Die
7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
8. Eye of the Beholder
9. The Shortest Straw
And yes, my personal list perfectly correlates with this list - lilrocketman

2 ...And Justice for All ...And Justice for All

At first I didn't really like this song. In fact the only song that I liked from this album in the past is One. But now I think that this album is better than Kill Em' All. My favorite song on the album. I'm sorry One didn't come number One on my list but it was dang close. LOVE METALLICA!

I hear bass on it! Around 6:25. - Userguy44

I actually though One would have 40% of the votes, but its nice that the albums main song is close behind

Such an underrated song...

3 Blackened Blackened

It's the best of the album! one of Metallica's greatest singles ever recorded!

Best Metallica song, period.

Blackened and One are tied! - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Second only to One

4 Dyers Eve

Easily second best but only to one, blackened drags on for too long and ajfa is way too long

To the visitor replying: you can make a 6 minute song by stretching a 4 minute song out by repetition (which is "drags on") and by coming up with enough ideas to fill the 6 minutes - Alkadikce

The only what if experiment used with this song was on Master Of Puppets. That being said, this song can probably be on MOP. For the bass parts. Put Dyers Eve on Master of Puppets!

It's extremely fast. And fun. Really what thrash metal should be. This is simply a fantastic song on a fantastic album.

The solo played by Kirk is one of his best solos! - rock2metal

5 Harvester of Sorrow

Amazing song.

The fighting song. Makes you want to kick some ass

How is this lower than One? This song is probably Metallica's heaviest song ever, never mind the album.

Language of the mad..

6 To Live is to Die

Cliff, just Cliff.

This song is the most complex, melodic, and dynamical masterpiece ever created by Metallica. It begins with the clean melody, soothing and relaxing, which makes the thick, booming, heasy riffs THAT much more powerful. In the middle, it shifts back down to a lighter feel, transitioning from aggressive to a more softer feel. In my opinion, it touches the emotions mainly. Hits the pathos in persuasion. Makes you emotionally connected and drawn, very much so to that of Mozart, Beethovan, and Bach. This song takes you somewhere. A trip of its on kind. A charisma, entirely different from any other songs of the modern day because this song sparks imagination. Incessantly I listen to it, and I'm brought to a different, yet beautiful, place. Props to Metallica for this beauty. - jakers1111

The chords progressions in the middle are amazing!

the solos are so beautiful and the middlepart is from another planet! Best song on the album!

7 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

The guitar section before the solo is so amazing, the riffs, lyrics, everything is good here
1- one
2- frayed
3- blackened
4- justice
5- to live
6- harvester
7- dyers
8- straw
9- eye

Songs up this are just more known. This IS the best track on the album

Brilliant song

Better than dyers eve and blackened,this one deserves a spot in the top 3.

8 The Shortest Straw

Very underrated song

Can't believe it is lst place this song is one of the best they ve ever made

Wow! this song being number 9 explains to me that most people haven't listened to the entire album and also no one listened to the solo. masterpiece solo! - agarthanreaper

Best bridge & lyrics in the entire album. Should be at least no.5

9 Eye of the Beholder

This song and dyers eve should top this list. This is a very underrated song but it is godly.

Every song is awesome in the masterpiece called... And Justice For All but to me this is the best, along with Dyers Eve and Frayed Ends Of Sanity. It's that their best songs (and album) are so underrated while Master is so overrated.

This masterpiece doesn't deserve to be the last

The intro as it slowly gets louder just sounds great and gets me pumped

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1. One
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1. One
2. ...And Justice for All
3. Blackened
1. ...And Justice for All
2. Blackened
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