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1 One One

Such a powerful ballad. You can't help but escape into the emotion of this song. It's a close call but it's only beaten by master of puppets for the best Metallica song ever by a whisker in my opinion.

One is an EPIC! song and it is the best metallica song ever made. - dragon13304

Amazing build up to the song that gets better as it progresses.

1. One
2. Dyers Eve
3. Blackened
4....And Justice for All
5. Harvester of Sorrow
6. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
7. The Shortest Straw
8. To Live is To Die
9. Eye of the Beholder - Derrick_Fox

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2 ...And Justice for All ...And Justice for All

I actually though One would have 40% of the votes, but its nice that the albums main song is close behind

Such an underrated song...

That growl at the end of the chorus...

In my opinion, this, master of puppets, and ride the lightning are Metallica's best musically speaking (as opposed to likeability).

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3 Blackened Blackened

Lyrically, this song is probably one of the best off the album. Instrumentally, this song dominates. The sheer awesomeness of the guitar solo... Sigh I wish I could write like that. The only thing that would make this second to "One" is probably the lack of popularity and the heavier sounds in "Blackened".

The first song on the first Metallica album I bought, it blew me away. So catchy and sinister, and it doesn't drag like some others on the album (as much as I love those too).

Blackened has the distinction of having the best intro, best riff, one of the best solos and one of the most anthemic choruses Metallica has ever produced. A perfectly crafted piece, it is Metallica's best opener in this solid masterpiece of an album. Brilliant drumming too. No complaints whatsoever.

Currently making my top five all-time Metallica list, this one is up there.

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4 Dyers Eve Dyers Eve

The solo played by Kirk is one of his best solos! - rock2metal

I will have to say this is the best Metallica song EVER

This song easily tops Blackened. I like the organization of the song and the metaphors are amazing. All of the Solos in this album are amazing, but this one truly distinguishes itself as the best.
1 Dyers Eve
2 Shortest Straw
3 And Justice For All
4 One
5 Blackened
6 Harvester Of Sorrow
7 Eye of The Beholder
8 To Live is To Die
9 The Frayed Ends Of Sanity

This is easily the best song on the album with Shortest Straw as a close 2nd, the Title Song as a close 3rd, and One as a close 4th.

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5 Harvester of Sorrow Harvester of Sorrow

The fighting song. Makes you want to kick some ass

Language of the mad..

I love the drums in this one!

1.Harvester of Sorrow
2.Blackened/...And Justice for All
3...And Justice For All/Blackened
5.The Frayed Ends of Sanity
6.Dyer's Eve/The Shortest Straw
7.The Shortest Straw/Dyer's Eve
8.Eye of the Beholder
9.To Live is to Die

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6 To Live is to Die To Live is to Die

This song is the most complex, melodic, and dynamical masterpiece ever created by Metallica. It begins with the clean melody, soothing and relaxing, which makes the thick, booming, heasy riffs THAT much more powerful. In the middle, it shifts back down to a lighter feel, transitioning from aggressive to a more softer feel. In my opinion, it touches the emotions mainly. Hits the pathos in persuasion. Makes you emotionally connected and drawn, very much so to that of Mozart, Beethovan, and Bach. This song takes you somewhere. A trip of its on kind. A charisma, entirely different from any other songs of the modern day because this song sparks imagination. Incessantly I listen to it, and I'm brought to a different, yet beautiful, place. Props to Metallica for this beauty. - jakers1111

the solos are so beautiful and the middlepart is from another planet! Best song on the album!

This is my favorite Metallica song it starts out so calm and it's so unexpected when it starts getting really loud and justice for all is a good song to and one is great but I got to say this is the best

I feel this was metallicas best instrumental! Even better then Orion! And I respect jakers1111 comment because it really is one of metallicas more complex songs!

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7 The Frayed Ends of Sanity The Frayed Ends of Sanity

Come on guys... That riff at 4:05 is from another planet!
And I don't even want to talk about the solo...

I don't understand why this is so low on this list. It's a great work of Metallica and the beginning is badass.

Greatest Metallica song. The best part was the part before the riff at 4:05 that the other visitor was talking about. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

The part right before the 4:05 riff and solo is the best thing they've ever done

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8 Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder

Every song is awesome in the masterpiece called... And Justice For All but to me this is the best, along with Dyers Eve and Frayed Ends Of Sanity. It's that their best songs (and album) are so underrated while Master is so overrated.

This masterpiece doesn't deserve to be the last

The intro as it slowly gets louder just sounds great and gets me pumped

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9 The Shortest Straw The Shortest Straw

The Shortest Straw can be in this position: it has a great riff, the lyrics are absolutely fantastic, and there is a big energy in that song. Oh, and ONE IS NOT THE BEST.

How can this masterpiece be in the last position?!

How is Shortest straw last?!?!? It should be in top two

The shortest straw was pulled for this song, blatantly speaking.

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2. ...And Justice for All
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1. ...And Justice for All
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