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1 The Four Horsemen

The only what if experiment with this song was on And Justice For All. But there weren't any vocals on it. There were only four songs which had what if experiments that were from this album. Whiplash and Seek and Destroy would be on Ride the Lightning. No Remorse was for the Black Album and The Four Horsemen was for And Justice For All. But the vocals on those two were missing and those experiments were incomplete. So this song will most likely stay on Kill Em All.

This, oh my god I'm in love with this song, it's like the best kill em all song I've listened to, mostly because it is the only one I have listened to in the entire album. So yeah, also, it's fast as heck.

Dave Mustaine's great songwriting and Hetfield's vocals. This is my favorite Metallica song!

Thank god this is #1 on this list, this is one of the first Metallica songs I've listened to, so kudos to you.

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2 Seek & Destroy

For the dumbass below me who is trying to convince people that Hammett did not record on Kill Em All, you sir, are completely wrong. Mustaine left well before the end of the recording because he was an idiot who kept drinking and doing drugs and pissing off everyone else.

The only what if experiment other than St Anger with this song was on Ride The Lightning. The reason for that was because of the bass wah pedal part that plays for a bit, so there's no way it could be on St. Anger or even any album after Master of Puppets. Unless you include Hardwired, which has Spit out the bone. Not very many people noticed this, but on the studio version the bass wah pedal part was included but when they play live, the bass doesn't play the wah. The solo is sped up on the Ride the lightning version, so it served with great purpose. For the what if album, I would confirm this song on Ride The Lightning.

Easily the best by far. Most memorable even though the four horsemen is insanely good too. But the riffs in seek and destroy are simply brilliant

One of my favorite riffs in Metallica’s long history

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3 Whiplash

I must say that I got into newer Metallica first so it took me awhile to fully appreciate this album. I thought at first that it seemed too raw and unpolished (james voice was painful! ). What I didn't realize then is that is what makes this album so awesome. You get to hear Metallica in their rawest and many ways most vulnerable. I mean even the band said that they played really fast due to nervousness. Since then whiplash has become a personal favorite. This really is Metallica at their fastest and thrashiest! I now love early james voice, especially when he yells Whiplash! GREAT STUFF! Wether or not it's the best on the album is subject to opinion but it is for sure the most fun on kill em all. We'll never stop, we'll never quit cause were Metallica! Oh and now for a little controversy. Daves mechanix is the better version of the fourhorseman. Hey, it is... I'm just saying... - LordJosh

"acting like a maniac... WHIPLASH"

Some people don't get whiplash - They break their necks due to the incomprehensible badassery

Whiplash is the best song on this album: it has everything you want, and also artists like kurt cobain used to like it so much!

The only what if experiment with this was on Ride the Lightning. So let's put it on that album along with Seek and Destroy.

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4 Hit the Lights

The one that started it all. You gotta love the classics. A great intro not just to the album, but for Metallica's entire career

Perfect tempo and lyrics. It is just so fitting for Metallica's style at the time: almost like the war cry or battle call.

The guitar solist was neither kirk nor mustaine. It was Lloyd Grant, just told for your information.

"THE beginning of Thrash! " - Kaustab

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5 Jump in the Fire

My personal riff. The whole song is very "groovy". The intro riff is cool and it's catchy.

Kick ass riff and co-operation between all the members.

One if the most influential song for groove metal and the riff is one of my favorites. - gemcloben

This song has the best solos! Dave Mustaine rules!

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6 Motorbreath

This is great song! So full of energy and kick-ass! Just give it a listen!

Its got speed and aggression, just Metallica - gemcloben

It would be great if the song was a little longer

Best metallica song ever

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7 No Remorse

The only what if experiment with this song was with the Black Album tone, but the vocals were missing, so ultimately it couldn't be on the Black Album. The only way to deal with this song is just to leave it on Kill Em All as it is. Other than that, there's nothing else to do.

COMPLETELY underrated! By far, THE best song on Kill Em All. All of the bestestest riffs are congregated in this one song! Be honest with yourselves... are you voting for "four horsemen" or "seek and destroy" because they're already such iconic songs? Are you really listening with your ears and fingers and feet? No Remorse is indisputably the best song on this record. Period.

I love the intro riff and how the drums beat it, love the entire song

This is easily my favorite song off the album. War without end! đŸ¤˜

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8 Phantom Lord

I can't understand why no one likes this song. It's pretty awesome

Underrated beyond belief. It's one of my favorite Metallica songs of all time!

Shows a perfect combination of Dave Mustaine writing with James Hetfield writing! needs to be higher.

Why is IT so low?

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9 Metal Militia

Why is this not number 3? This song is the anthem and battle cry of thrash fans! I have never heard a song so anti glam and amazing at the same time in my life! So underrated. If you want to listen to this album, I would strongly suggest the four horsemen, phantom lord, and METAL MILITIA!

Song about metal with metal in it's title by a band with metal in its name! How much more metal can you get! This song embodies the thrash spirit more than any song in this album! The sheer speed and raw vocals make it the best song of this album!

Metal militia has 3 seconds of slow music at the very beginning, and from there it is amazingly fast thrash metal, the bass playing is literally a lead instrument - JULESMETAL13

Awesome riff and great lyrics. Why is this so low?

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10 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

R.I.P. Cliff best bass solo by the most talented bass player of all time!

This is an awesome bass solo, R. I. P Cliff Burton - dragon13304

Come on guys, that's a prove that the bass guitar isn't a secondary instrument! It need to be less underrated!

Legendary Bass Solo

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11 Am I Evil?
12 Blitzkrieg

Definitely not on ride the lightning or kill em all.

For those who are confused, Am I Evil? and Blitzkrieg were bonus tracks from when it was reissued in 1988, so that's the only reason they're on here - dubsinthetubs

Its on garage inc

Is this even from kill em all? I'm sure its on ride the lightning - gemcloben

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