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1 Master of Puppets

master of puppets is their best song PERIOD!
also the thing that should not be SHOULD BE in a higher rank

Most definitely, and impossible to listen to without either air guitaring or air-drumming. Go on, try it - ninapalmer

definitely the best song on the album.. it sounds so much better live.

Its amazing that every riff in this song sounds great.

This is the very best song of all time.

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2 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Beat song on the album, tied with master of puppets. If there was a tied first then it would be there. It starts nicely and calm, and stays catchy all the way through

In my opinion, the best song on the album! I love this song so much! I love the lyrics to this song. Everything about this song is so amazing. One of my favorite Metallica songs of all-time!

Surprisingly I like welcome home sanitarium and Orion better than master of puppets! But these are all classics

My favorite song ever created.

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3 Disposable Heroes

One of Metallica's heaviest, fastest, and, sadly, most underrated songs. It has excellent, meaningful lyrics about young men going to war against their will. Also, The Thing That Should Not Be needs to be higher.

Giving this my vote because it is so underrated, otherwise I really think Disposable heroes, Welcome Home, Master and Battery are equally good. But this song has easily the best lyrics of all the songs, great and bad ass riffs too.

Oh please, stop voting Master: I know it's a good song, one of the best, of course, but there's more better than that one! Why don't Disposable Heroes? The lyric is fantastic, and it is truly a masterpiece!

This and Master of Puppets are far and away the best on the album, followed by Damage Inc.

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4 Battery

Alongside Fight fire with fire, this song works as a perfect intro to MOP. An alluring acoustic intro that leads into a rhythm guitarists first road block, Battery! Fast paced with an energy that mimics the title, battery just gets you pumped for the rest of the album.

Best song from metallica let alone master of puppets not many peoplk have heard it because it is hidden behind the other very overated songs overall best songs hands down

Probably the best thing that anyone in existence has ever created...

I'm not really into Battery or Damage Inc, or fight fire with fire. Hang me. - sweetbeef

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5 Orion

This is my favourite Metallica album so it was really hard to choose my favourite, they are all good songs but for me Orion is a whisker in front of the rest, it is so relaxing, and has meaningful music - JULESMETAL13

Second best, behind "Master of Puppets" of course... "Battery" should be third, "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" should be fourth, rest of the album is worthless... well, maybe "The Thing that Should Not Be" defends itself (so it's 5th in my opinion)

Metallica's Best Instrumental ever!

Why isn't this higher? The greatest metal instrumental of all time. definitely Cliff Burton's finest moment. Sad to see filler songs like Disposable Heroes above this masterpiece.

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6 Damage, Inc.

You know, this song won't remain on this position one you people listen to it carefully... It will definitely come in top 3 if you do so. Song is dark with violent riffs n lyrics which are accompanied by cliff's heavy bass and kirk's great solo. Lars's drumming is also good.

Great intro, heavy and fast as all thrash should be and a very good solo. Underrated awesome song

What?! This song is supposed to be in top 5. Heaviest Song in MOP

This should be number 2, behind MOP.

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7 The Thing that Should Not Be

No other guitarist in the world could have created that awesome solo. What I mean is it really brings out the moods of the song. Great song to frighten away pop fans. On the whole this song is complete package. Comes right after welcome home and master. And gets fifth spot on my favorite Metallica songs. Hats off to Mr. Hetfield who created those eternal riffs. Also this is Mr. Hetfield's favorite song.

This song is best... Enough with the same songs always being the best! This song has it all great vocals, lyrics, guitar etc.

Kick ass song! Really heavy creepy intro, perfect lyrics. Just a masterpiece of a song. On of the best ones ever written to be honest. One of their heaviest songs on their heaviest album. This and leper messiah are the best, but this one first. Too underrated, better than one, for whom the bell tolls, and all the clich├ęs!

Okay first of all yall are stupid... the thing that should not be should be NUMBER 1...master of puppets is a good song but its played a lot...the thing that should not be NUMBER 8...come on... this list should be the thing that should not be...YALL R WRONG

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8 Leper Messiah

One of the best songs on the album. Bow to Leper Messiah! This song rules!

So underrated! Has a very nice groove to it and good lyrics as well. The second half is also simply amazing.

This and Damage, Inc. should be above the thing that should not be. Also what is. ? - LMARINE


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