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1 Master of Puppets

The Great Absolute Heavy Metal Masterpiece

of course



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2 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Why does the end sound like Creeping Death? - Userguy44

This song is amazing! - Userguy44


This song is truly amazing! - Userguy44

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3 Battery

What if experiments used with this album.

1. "Battery" had experiments with the Ride The Lightning and Justice For All tones, but Ride the lightning was the most suitable tone. So "Battery" will be on Ride the Lightning what if album.

2. "Master of Puppets" can be on both the Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets what if albums.

3. "The Thing That Should Not be" had experiments with the Justice For All and the Black Album tones. This one will be on the Black Album what if album. Black album version was beastly.

4. "Welcome Home" will stay on this album.

5. "Disposable Heroes" had the tones for Ride the lightning and Justice for all. Though it hasn't been fully decided which tone album it will be on. My guess is that it won't be on Ride the lightning because the amps were having problems and the guitar wasn't at volume.

6. "Leper Messiah" will stay on this album

7. "Orion" most likely on Ride the lightning. Its already on ...more

The perfect song to play during a zombie apocalypse. - CharismaticKat

Great build up and great guitar riffs. - Userguy44

Absolute bop!

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4 Disposable Heroes

One of the few true thrash songs on this highly overrated album.

This is Creeping Death but on MOP. It's fast with insane riffs, dark lyrics and fast solos. - Userguy44

Disposable Heroes is the best song on the entire album, and one of Metallica's finest songs.

One of Metallica's heaviest, fastest, and, sadly, most underrated songs. It has excellent, meaningful lyrics about young men going to war against their will. Also, The Thing That Should Not Be needs to be higher.

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5 Orion

No words but some of the best guitar in any Metallica song ever

Very Beautiful Instrumental

Mind blowing

Absolute Perfection!

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6 Damage, Inc.

Favorite Kerry King (Slayer Guitarist) Metallica song! - EzP2

This is real thrash. - Userguy44

The second best song of this album

You know, this song won't remain on this position one you people listen to it carefully... It will definitely come in top 3 if you do so. Song is dark with violent riffs n lyrics which are accompanied by cliff's heavy bass and kirk's great solo. Lars's drumming is also good.

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7 The Thing that Should Not Be

Very underrated. - EzP2

I hate that people dislike this song
But I have James and Kirk on my side loving this heavy lovecraftian number

To me these song comes second only to the title track in this album

Amazing theme, amazing riffs, perfectly executes what it's trying to do

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8 Leper Messiah

Tf? Great riff and solo. Easily better than The Thing That Should Not Be, Damage, Inc., WAY better than the insanely overrated Battery, and at part if not slightly better than Disposable Heroes.
To be honest, this album as a whole is pretty overrated, and isn't nearly as good as Ride The Lightning.
1) Master Of Puppets
2) Orion
3) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4) Leper Messiah
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Damage, Inc.
7) Battery
8) The Thing That Should Not Be
The only GREAT songs on Master of Puppets are the top 3, and only GOOD songs are within the top 5, maybe 6. Both Battery and TNB are just bad, and Damage, Inc. is meh.
Ride The Lightning:
1) Creeping Death
2) The Call of Ktulu
3) Ride The Lightning
4) For Whom The Bell Tolls
5) Fade To Black
6) Trapped Under Ice
7) Fight Fire With Fire
8) Escape
The GREAT songs on Ride The Lightning are the top 5, and virtually every song is still GOOD, all the way to Escape.
RIDE THE ...more

It's at 6 now? Nice! - Metarock

Dave Mustaine wrote one of the riffs...

One of the best songs on the album. Bow to Leper Messiah! This song rules!

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1. Master of Puppets
2. Disposable Heroes
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
1. Master of Puppets
2. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
3. Battery
1. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
2. Damage, Inc.
3. Disposable Heroes

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