UltraLunalaX album reviews: Master of puppets by Metallica

Hi! This is UltraLunalaX here and welcome to my very first album review on one of my favourite albums of all time master of puppets by Metallica. As you all know my dears, master of puppets is known to be one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time, and possibly one of the greatest albums of all time in my opinion. It is Metallica's third studio album and possibly one of if not, their best albums yet, released on the 3rd of march 1986. Just remember guys, this is my first album review and it is based on my opinion. Also just warning you for an album with 8 tracks, this review is pretty long and I have put some maximum effort into it, so I hope you enjoy I guess! Now let's get started on the album review!

First of all let's get started on the first track of the album, Battery. This song works well as a perfect introduction to Master of puppets. It was in fact the very first Metallica song I ever heard to the very first Metallica album I have listened to and fell in love with. From an amazing acoustic guitar introduction started out beautifully, to aggressive riffs, fast drumming and just plain awesome lyrics that pulls me into the song, makes this a great start to the masterpiece album known as master of puppets. Overall rating for Battery: 10/10

Next track of this masterpiece album is oh boy, my favourite song of all time and the cover song from the album, Master of puppets! This song is absolutey pure thrash metal perfection! Where do I get started on this masterpiece? I absolutely adore everything about this song. The Vocals and guitar solo are absolutely amazing, the guitar riffs are so awesome and heavy, the bass is mind-blowing and the lyrics are absolutely awesome and have meaning to them. "Master, master! I will always remember and love this song!" This is my favourite song of all time and I will always treasure it in my heart! Overall rating for master of puppets: 12/10

Track number 3 is The thing that should not be. This song is very underrated and a brilliant song! The introduction of this song has to be one of the most heaviest and most darkest intros of a metal song I have ever heard of. Great Vocals, awesome solos, great lyrics, an amazing theme and awesome guitar use. This song is so underrated and it's awesome as well! Overall rating for The thing that should not be: 9/10

Track 4 is Welcome home (sanitarium). I absolutely love this song and it's my 2nd favourite song on master of puppets album by Metallica tied with master of puppets. The lyrics are extremely powerful, dark and meaningful, the riffs and solos are just absolutely awesome and the intro has to be one of Metallica's best intros ever in my opinion. Also the way James says "Sanitarium" is just absolutely brilliant! Overall rating for Welcome home sanitarium: 10/10

Next up is Track 5, Disposable heroes. Disposable heroes is a very underrated song and it has to be one of Metallica's most fastest and most heaviest songs I ever heard of! It's full of fast solos, heavy guitar riffs and of course, the lyrics have to be one of the best lyrics I ever heard of in my whole entire life! The lyrics are extremely dark and meaningful and are about some young men going to war against their own will! It's not Metallica's greatest but it's still a brilliant song with some of the best lyrics I ever heard of and it's one of the most heaviest metallica songs I ever listened to in my opinion. Overall rating for disposable heroes: 9.5/10

Track 6 is leper messiah! Leper messiah has to be the most underrated Metallica song ever on master of puppets album in my opinion. It has a nice groove to it, the solos and riffs are good as well and the lyrics are pretty good as well! Also the second part of the song was awesome as well. Easily one of the most underrated Metallica songs of all time in my opinion. Overall rating: 8/10

Then we have track 7, which is called Orion. I absolutely simply just adore the instrument use of this song! Orion has to have one of my favourite instrument use of all time in my opinion. The song itself and it's instrument use are absolutely relaxing and is full of meaning. Easily the best Metallica instrument use of all time! Overall rating for Orion: 8.5/10

Finally the last track of this album is Damage Inc. This song is pretty great as well as all the other tracks on master of puppets by Metallica. It's very underrated and one of Metallica's more darker, more intense songs in my opinion! The intro was beautifully done and the song itself was full of dark and aggressive riffs as well as lyrics. Also good solos and drumming as well. Very underrated indeed and one of my favourite Metallica songs in my opinion. Overall rating for damage Inc: 8/10

My overall rating and opinion:10/10
Master of puppets is one of my favourite albums of all time in my opinion! I just absolutely adore this masterpiece and all of the songs from this album are awesome! This album is overall one of the most awesome, mind-blowing, influential, full of meaningful songs and easily one of the best selling metal albums of all time. My favourite song from that album is obviously, master of puppets! Its so stuck in my head right now and I cannot stop thinking about it at the moment! So in my opinion, this is metallica's best album ever along with ride the lightning, Kill em all, ...And justice for all and Metallica(Black album).

Thank you for reading my review of one of my favourite albums of all time! But for now, peace!


Indeed not only the best Metallica album ever, but one of the best ever made. - htoutlaws2012

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