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1 Fade to Black

Okay this is one of the first lists where I have actually seen the song that deserves the top spot at the top. Glad to see people aren't total morons. Fade to black is first off a classic, though that goes without saying. The whole ride the lightning album is amazing. I go back and forth on what is the best Metallica album but this one is always in the top three. Considering this was their second album it really is impressive. Its as brutal as kill em all but the maturity to their music had already kicked in. Even vocally james grew in between these two albums. Another one of those albums where every song is good, though I admit I don't always have the patience for call of ktulu. What makes fade to black so great is not just that it's a great song with a rippage solo but also because it found the band playing with new territory in the form of a ballad. This by only their second album! I always give kudos to bands for exploring new territory. Plus for a song about contemplating suicide ...more - LordJosh

Its not just the best song on album, It's the best of Metallica.

The OG Power Ballad - lilrocketman

My favorite song from RTL album and favorite song from Metallica.

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2 For Whom the Bell Tolls

This song is addictive! - Userguy44

My favorite metallica song of all time

The whole album is fantastic, but For Whom The Bell Tolls rules: the bass intro is such amazing, and the use of the distortion by Cliff is really fascinating. The melody is very good, and the lyric too! One of the greatest old stuff of Metallica.

Probably my favorite Metallica song period. This whole albums is a masterpiece!

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3 Creeping Death

Better than fade to black

1) Creeping Death
2) The Call of Ktulu
3) Ride The Lightning
4) For Whom The Bell Tolls
5) Fade To Black
6) Trapped Under Ice
7) Fight Fire With Fire
8) Escape

There's a reason as to why Creeping Death opens most Metallica concerts. The lyrics and theme are historical and make the band seem awfully cultured (giving a Rush-esque vibe). The main riff is exceptional, not overly simple but still really catchy. The seek and destroy- esque shift is incredibly epic live due to the crowd chanting "Die" repeatedly. Fantastic song, overall the best song on overall the best album from the overall greatest band of the overall greatest genre of all time.

This is the ultimate Metallica song! The intro is a powerful way to take you into the incredible verses, which lead into the awesome chorus! The solo is stunning, and the breakdown is just awesome! The way the song ends is also incredibly powerful, the way it goes back to the intro. And the final four chords just hit me with the force of a train!

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4 Ride the Lightning

This one has it all. Epic vocals, crushing guitar riffs, great tempo and the awesome shredding solo! - Userguy44

This is my favorite Metallica song and quite possibly my favorite song in general

Favorite song ever not just by Metallica

Arguably my favorite song of all time across any genre. From the perspective of a death row inmate, this tune has it ALL. The monster, chugging main riff, the ridiculous solo, the haunting lyrical content, the tempo swings, etc. It's the complete package that showcases Metallica at its finest. - MetalEd3

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5 The Call of Ktulu

Very underrated song. Cliff played the bass like no one else! - Userguy44

Fantastic bass. - Userguy44

This is my second favorite Metallica album, and I think that the most fantastic masterpieces are The Bell Tolls and Fade, but The Call of Ktulu is simply a Jewel of metal music. The bass is fantastic with the distortion and the wahwah pedal, and the guitars' solo is simply great! It deserves to be less underrated

Really needs to be number one. I don't even like Metallica that much. This is my favorite of the 6 songs I genuinely like by them. The others are Master of puppets, enter sandman, king nothing, the four horsemen, and fade to black.

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6 Fight Fire with Fire

This song had some what if experiments with Master of Puppets, And Justice For All and Black Album. The Black Album version got scrapped, ultimately because the amp wasn't properly tuned. Justice for all tone was pretty good but the only problem with that was part of the intro was accidentally deleted and the song was played at a faster speed than normal. And of course the bass was missing. Master of puppets version I think was the best of those experiments. So, as far as what if experiments are concerned, I would say Master of Puppets.

This song is so fast, evil, and heavy! - RichHomelessGreedyMan

This is what thrash is supossed to be. - Userguy44

So underrated

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7 Trapped Under Ice

What? This list is very Bad

1. Fade to black
2. Trapped Under ice
3. The call of ktulu
4. Creeping death
5. For whom the Bell tolls
6. Ride the lightning
7. Fight fire with fire
8. Escape

Favorite song of all time

very underrated song yet very very very very very good - freezerman75

Unbelievable song, classic thrash - dootdoot

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8 Escape

Awesome songs full of emotions and friendship

Even if the band hates this song, I LOVE Escape! Such a happy meaning of living life your own way, to follow your destiny no matter what. Underwhelming compared to the rest of the album, yet packs a punch compared to pop and EDM.

Excellent lyrics, happy meaning compared to other songs! I personally love it and am very dissapoinged at how underrated it is

Love the chorus to the song and very underrated song that I love

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9 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
10 Creeping Death (Live)

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11 Blitzkrieg
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