Pony Reviews: Ride The Lightning By Metallica

Now that everyone has voted for the albums I have to review, I am starting a brand new series where I get to review music albums! Whether the album is good or bad, I will review every single track. Even though "The White Album" has gotten the most votes, it will be the last album I will review. So, let's start off with Metallica's sophomore effort, "Ride The Lightning"!

I will give the tracks a number ( out of ten). Then, I will find the average score. The average score will be the final score. Remember, this is how I feel about the tracks, so their might be bias here and there.

1. Fight Fire With Fire- 7/10 The track starts off slow, and then it gets complex later on. The track is a little too complex for me, and it feels like a mess. Not the best track on the album, but still pretty good.

2. Ride The Lightning- 9/10 This is my favorite song on the album! It has an iconic riff, it has great singing by James Hetfield, and the whole feel to it makes it a classic.

3. For Whom The Bell Toils- 8/10 Believe it or not, the beginning riff is actually played on bass guitar. This is a great track, and the bell sample fits nicely as if The Undertaker from WWE had this theme.

4. Fade To Black- 10/10 This is regarded as the best track on the album, and one of the best Metallica songs. Why? It's obvious; the song starts out symphonic, then it turns into what Metallica is known for- Metal. For their first ballad, Metallica really hits the nail on this one.

5. Trapped Under Ice- 8/10. In my opinion, this has the best lyrics out of all of the tracks. It has a quick pace, in your face lyrics, and generally, it's one of Metallica's most underrated songs.

6. Escape- 8/10 For some reason, this song reminds me of "I Want Out" by Helloween. This song is likely to get stuck in your head, and this song is probably the most radio friendly song on this album.

7. Creeping Death- 10/10 You might be a little surprised by this one. This is the most fast paced song on this album, and you can't help but head bop to the song. For a METAL song, it sounds a lot like Punk music.

8. The Call Of Ktulu- 10/10 This track is the best track on the album. It is the longest song, but it's a great way to end an amazing album. This is also the only instrumental on this album.

Final Score- 8.75 "Ride The Lightning is an excellent album. There is not a single bad track on this one, not even "Fight Fire With Fire" is that bad. I definitely recommend this album to any metal head, or if you really love Metallica's old material, then buying this is a must.

Best Track- The Call Of Ktulu
Worst Track- Fight Fire With Fire
Most Catchy- Ride The Lightning
Most Inspiring- Fade To Black, Call of Ktulu
Most Complex- All Of The Songs
Most Awesome Track- Ride The Lightning
Best Lyrics- Trapped Under Ice
Worst Lyrics- None of Them
Best Instrumental- The Call Of Ktulu
Worst Instrumental- None

And that was my review of "Ride The Lightning"! What album should I review next? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for reading, and goodbye! (For Now.)


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