Top 10 Songs Metallica Should've Played At S&M


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1 Fade to Black

I just can't picture any Metallica song that would work better with an orchestra than fade to black. I can literally picture how it would have sounded. This song is so awesome! This and one are Metallica's beat songs ever!

This song would just have worked so well with an orchestra! The guitars sing the choruses in this song, and it would have been interesting to see what it would sound like with orchestral accompaniment

It's a shame that this didn't make it. This would've been excellent with the symphony. Oh well, it is what it is.

This would've worked beautifully on S&M! Why didn't they include this?

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2 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Would have been a great ballad to use with the symphony. Guitar intro to crunchy middle then thrashy solo. Has everything a Metallica fan loves and being a ballad, would fit perfectly into the orchestra.

3 The Unforgiven

My favourite song of all time and was disapointed to not see it on the S&M songlist, still love the album thought.

4 Seek & Destroy

Why the hell didn't they play this song it's their best song ever! - rocker1796

5 Orion

very good song not underrated but I am confused about it not being played at s & m

6 King Nothing
7 Creeping Death
8 To Live Is to Die

This song is made for a classical interpretation. I love these melodies!

9 The Unforgiven II
10 Carpe Diem Baby

This song definitely sounds like it very well could be on S&M! It should be on the top 5 on this list!

A shame that this didn't make it to S&M album. This would've sounded good with the symphony.

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11 Ride the Lightning
12 Poor Twisted Me
13 Eye of the Beholder
14 Thorn Within
15 The God That Failed
16 ...And Justice For All
17 My Friend of Misery
18 Harvester of Sorrow
19 Ronnie
20 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
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