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1 St. Anger

I don't care if St. Anger is a bad album. I like it. I may be a massive fan of their 80s stuff too, but St. Anger allows me to do something their 80s stuff couldn't. It allows me to feel the rage and aggression! Ruthless!

Raw, heavy, and fast. The reasons why I headbang to this awesome song so much. This should be #1!

I don't know why this album is so hated. I personally think Lars has some excellent drumming in this track. The opening is wild and arguably is one of the best song openings of all-time. Say what you will about St. Anger the Album, but don't discredit St. Anger the song. - NvGNick

This song saved the album in my opinion.

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2 Frantic

What a pity that this song is in this album! Frantic has all the rage of James, Lars, Kirk and.. nobody else! Haha! But the rhythm of this song is something really special. This is also a very underrated song, and all the St. Anger's stuff is hidden by St. Anger, a good work, but less good than Frantic.

The best song on this album, one of my favourite Metallica songs. Sta anger is a ver underrated album. FRANTIC TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TOCK!

The only song that I love on this album, but it's one of my faves! Frantic tick tick tick tick tick TOCK!

2.St Anger
3.All Within My Hands
4.The Unnamed Feeling
5.Some Kind of Monster
6.Sweet Amber
8.Shoot Me Again
9.Invisible Kid
10.My World
11.Dirty Window

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3 The Unnamed Feeling

Not sure why I gave up on this album when it was released. Just went back to it over the weekend and I'm actually impressed. Perhaps because it relates more today than it did then.

My favorite St. Anger song. How the hell is this number 8 on the list?! Should be higher than that! Please vote for this song!

I love all Metallica albums (except lulu) I even like st anger its just not as good as the others load and reload are my favorite 90 album and don't judge me

1. Feeling
2. Anger
3. Frantic
4. Monster
5. Amber
6. Shoot
7. Window
8. World
9. Kid
10. Purify
11. Handz

Don't underestimate this album. - BekoT.

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4 Some Kind of Monster

Most of the album is just bland nu metal, but here, IT WORKS!

With the edited snare version it's a great song.

Only bad thing about this song is lars drums it was almost perfect

Pretty cool!

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5 Sweet Amber

this is the best song on St. Anger! The lyrics are really cool and it has an unique intro and mainriff! Vote!

Never as sweet as it seems

Why the hell is this song at the bottom this song is my favourite on the album and deserves a little more respect

It is really cool, with the Guitar comes into the Song after the quite intro. I like this Song, it's the best on Saint Anger. - patschyie

Personally my favorite track on the album. Only real complaint is the crap editing.

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6 Shoot Me Again

It's the best because they never do the real screamy thing and the bongo sound from Lars isn't super prevalent. And the music is actually pretty good. Also the lyrics and vocals are actually really catchy and they ACTUALLY SING.

This must be the most underrated song by any band of all time ps it's SO badass...

You can tell james was going through a lot cause of these lyrics man its like suicide but in a song

7 Dirty Window

St. Anger is a really underrated Metallica album. It's one of my favorites (next to Kill 'Em All). I chose Dirty Window because I love the drumming. One of Lars's best performances. James's voice is great too.

I love how just plain raw this song is! The drums really shine on this song

The na na na the na na na de neu no

8 All Within My Hands

Sometimes I feel like this only person who likes this song (and this album). Off of Metallica's "worst" album which isn't bad at all, I'd have to say that this and the title track are my favorites, but this over all. James' "Kill Kill Kill" is incredible as well. This is a beast of a track!

A bit of a guilty pleasure for me, but I genuinely enjoy this song, and album, even with it's many faults. And this song captures James vocals at their most passionate in St. Anger.

The snare is very doable on this song and everything about it is great, except maybe the "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill" at the end.

My favorite songs on the album, it’s overhated and it’s underrated

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9 Invisible Kid

This song absolutely rocks real metal music this should be in the top 5 how more louder can you get than this

Opening riff is awesome, its just a shame they had to waste it on a terribly organised song and a terribly produced album

One of the best songs on this album

10 My World

My favorite song from St. Anger. I don't hate the album, and this song fits very well to it. Love the lyrics: Not only do I not know the answer... I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE QUESTION IS!

Worst song I've heard

This is by far the best song on this album, maybe even of all of Metallica!

I, DON'T EVEN KNOW, WHAT THE QUESTION, IS! Love that part of the song

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11 Purify

The riff on this thing is badass! Vote up!

The only song I like from this album

Best song by Metallica

Awesome song!

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1. Purify
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