TheWriter Reviews: Of Mice & Men's Cold World

Disclaimer: The following post is full of opinions. If you are easily offended, please be careful, for these are only opinions.

You have been warned!

Hey guys, it's cjWriter1997, the reviewer soon to be. First off, let me say this. I'm gonna change my style just a bit. I will try to get in more depth with the reviews. Explain more of my feelings about the album/song in bigger detail while trying to be as unbiased as possible. The reviews are going to be longer than before. Please let me know what you guys think of this new approach.

Speaking of new approaches, today's album review will be on the new Of Mice & Men record, Cold World. Now normally, I don't tend to listen to a lot of Of Mice & Men, but I wanted to give this album a try. My first impression right off the bat was, "Is this even OM&M?" Well, surprisingly it is. Of Mice & Men did something different in this album and to me, wasn't all that bad of a change.

This album would fit perfectly in the early 2000's. Hearing it, there are a lot of Nu Metal influences. I heard some, Adema, Linkin Park, Staind and Korn. Surprisingly I get some Tool vibes ringing too. And all in all it may sound interesting, but as of today I feel the album may be out of place. However, that doesn't automatically make it a terrible album. In my honest opinion, the album wasn't that bad.

While their may be some flaws including, wall-like guitars, a lot of noise (making it hard to hear everything), and generic lyrics, I feel the band should get some claps for trying something new. I'm all for a change in sound. I love variety, some of my favorite bands have a very wide variety of music in their discography. Even if a band happens to do a "not so good" change, I still give the artist my respect.

Cold World has some pretty solid tracks, like Game of War (An intriguing opener), The Lie (However not really solid, I'll explain soon) and Down the Road. Those tracks really were enjoyable and felt good to the ear. Like a Ghost has to be my favorite of them all. The vocals at some points sound very similar to an angry Chester Bennington. The emotion brought out in the song was one of the main reasons why I felt this track was the best track.

But while those tracks were good, their were a few that fell short. First off, The Lie stopped almost suddenly and I didn't like that. I felt that it had so much more potential. Their first single, Pain feels too noisy and produced, it really doesn't work well with me. And let's not forget the worst track of the album, Relentless. My god, the lyrics in that song are awful. It sounds like those lyrics were written by a teenage Fred Durst wannabe. I'm sorry, but it is that bad.

I must also add, the - & + interludes were actually quite appealing as well, and the transition to + to Away was brilliant. In the end though, the song soon loses its "wowness" and just becomes a bore. The closing track was actually pretty interesting. It had a Tool-esque bass guitar that I really enjoyed. One of the better tracks of the album.

Overall, the album tended to be enjoyable but I feel it had much more potential. I feel maybe I like it because it reminded of older bands I used to like. It wasn't ear-achingly bad, but it wasn't completely great. To fans who love Of Mice & Men's original metalcore/screamo sound, this may not be for you. However if you like to hear something different by them, or if you are a fan of Nu Metal, I advise you give this album a listen and see for yourself if you like it of not.

My rating for this album is 3/5.

Fav Tracks: Game of War, Down the Road, Transfigured, Like a Ghost

Meh Tracks: Real, The Lie, The Hunger, Away

Worst Tracks: Relentless, Contagious, Pain

So that's it for the review this time. Please let me know what you think of this album. Do you love it? Hate it? Thought it was okay? In all other words, this had been TheWriter Reviews, have a good day!


Update: As of September 12th of 2016, the song Pain, has really grown on me and is probably one of my favorites of the album. - cjWriter1997