Best Songs from Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force

The Top Ten

1 Bones Exposed

The opening scream is the stuff of mosh pit legend

A cut cannot heal unless you leave it alone I'll open mine daily leaving bones exposed

Bones exposed should definitely be first, by far the best on the album.

I'm new to Of Mice And Men and I love this song! First song I heard.

2 Would You Still Be There
3 Another You

This is my favorite song. It's very deep. I love it

4 You're Not Alone
5 Public Service Announcement
6 Break Free
7 Glass Hearts

The clean vocals in this are amazing

"How am I suposed to hear what you hear? When you've never heard the sound of our glass hearts breaking. With every tick of the clock when you are gone."

8 Space Enough to Grow

This song makes me cry every time I hear it

9 Feels Like Forever
10 Identity Disorder

Why is Would You Still Be There the first? That's probably one of worst songs on this albums along with You Make Me Sick

The Contenders

11 Never Giving Up

The chorus of this song is just epic.
This cannot be 11.
Should be second, just after Bones Exposed.

12 You Make Me Sick
13 Broken Generation
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