Best Songs From the Michael Jackson Album Michael

Release this album is the BIGGEST MUSIC DEAL IN MUSIC HISTORY, Akon and 50 CENT also feature in these song too.

The Top Ten

1 Hold My Hand

This is a very awesome song. It explains How loving, caring and understanding michael jackson was and will always be. I hope this song touches everybody's hearts and souls. I did and always will love him and his music and I want everybody to do the same.

So nice n sweet... right next to Human Nature - SmoothCriminal

so loving song with tender words... and cool

So nice, faithful, sincere, loving.

2 Hollywood Tonight

Absolutely best from this album.
Hold My Hand should be better in Akon album.
Why the hell Breaking News hold #2? THIS IS NOT JACKSON'S SONG, come on!

3 Monster

Definetely the best with hollywood tonight and another day - callcooldude

4 (I Can't Make It) Another Day

This should be in the top 3! It is one of MJ's favourite hits! - lizard302

I would say the most underrated mj song

At least in my top 100 MJ songs, best song on Michael join 1st with Hollywood tonight

5 Keep Your Head Up
6 Best of Joy
7 Breaking News
8 Behind the Mask
9 (I Like) The Way You Love Me
10 Much Too Soon
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