Top 10 Songs from Michael Jackson's Invincible Album


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1 You Rock My World

Amazing mix of pop and dance, this top 10 hit proved MJ's staying power throughout the new millennium - Draco

Just realized, THERE IS ALREADY A LIST FOR THIS! Why did admin approve this then! - Draco

My life
Would never be the same
because girl you came and changed
The way I walk
The way I look
I cannot explain
The things I feel for you
Girl you know its true
What's happening
Your really here
Doing-a-what you do!
Best song on invincible
Joint 1st with Heaven can wait

2 Invincible

The title track of the album may have not charted so well but it showed MJ was able to incorporate the sound of the new century with his vibe of pop music. Nice job Michael. - Draco

3 Heartbreaker

One hell of a track, this song just like Invincible and several other tracks on the album may have not charted well but used the idea of pop today to his advantage, but seeing he is the King of Pop, it doesn't fool anyone that he would do so well. - Draco

One of the greatest songs of this year

4 Break of Dawn

I romantic track with a not so hidden satisfiying message, this song is just amazing for the album. - Draco

5 Speechless

Most romantically great song on the album, totally without a doubt deserves a spot on the Top 10 of this list. - Draco

6 Whatever Happens

Amazing blend of latin guitar riffs from Santana and MJ's decade-defing vocals are excellent. - Draco

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7 Unbreakable

The kick off of the album, this song definitely deserves a spot on this list, no other words. - Draco

Probably my favourite song from this album when I heard it I felt unbreakable

My favourite song from invincible along with break of dawn and you rock my world but unbreakable rules
I can't believe it
You can't receive it
And you can't touch me
Because I'm untouchable
I know you hate it
And you can't take it
You can never break me

8 2000 Watts

Even though MJ's voice isn't at all in the track, this song incorporates a powerful message and great beat to the album. - Draco

9 Privacy

Just like Leave Me Alone from his album Bad, this song focuses on MJ"s troubles with media and paparazzi. - Draco

Ain't the pictures enough? That's why I sponsor so much? Why can't it all stay the same? Like back in the day!

Amazing song. great beat. epic solo from slash. INCREDIBLE VOICE

10 Butterflies V 2 Comments

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11 Don't Walk Away
12 Cry

Amazing song! None can defeat this one!

13 Heaven Can Wait

"Tell the angels no, I don't wanna leave my baby alone"
One of the best songs from invincible and one of his best love songs. Surprising not to see it on the list.

14 Threatened
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