Top 10 Songs that Might Surprise You are Sung by Death Metal Growlers

For many death metal vocalists death vocals are a matter of choice and not because they can't sing "normally".
From this list you will understand than many of them have great clean singing voices that also sound trained and not like people who just started learning how to sing.
In this context (death growls) the most impressive clean vocals are those with a very soft, smooth and calming sound.

The Top Ten

1 In My Time of Need - Opeth

Mikael Åkerfeldt voice can sound so soft, so smooth, so calming. - Metal_Treasure

2 Waking Dreams - Ayreon

Please, please, play the sample...
Vox: Jonas Renkse of Katatonia (Ayreon is a side project).

His clean voice is one of the most soothing sounds ever. Such a gorgeous voice!

The song is a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen but she isn't featured on the sample. It's only Jonas Renkse. - Metal_Treasure

3 Nobody's Here - Devin Townsend

May I just ask you to play the song sample? You'll get everything.
What you may not get from the sample is that Devin Townsend has a 5-octave vocal range. That's a BIG range (for comparison, Taylor Swift's range is 2 octaves and 1 note). - Metal_Treasure

4 Our Loved Ones - Volbeat

Volbeat wasn't the first band Michael Poulsen fronted - before that provided death vox for death metal band Dominus (released 4 albums from 1991-2000).
His clean voice reminds me of Metallica's James Hetfield (when James uses his softer voice) - Metal_Treasure

5 Raven Wing - Iced Earth

Vox: Stu Block
Before Iced Earth, Stu Block did death vox for the band Into Eternity (list - Top 10 Into Eternity Songs (Stu Block Era) - Metal_Treasure

6 Harvest - Opeth

Mikael Åkerfeldt... - Metal_Treasure

7 July - Katatonia

Jonas Renkse again, this time with his primary band - Metal_Treasure

8 Twilight - Edge of Sanity

Vox: Dan Swanö.
Not very high because this song also has death growls besides the clean vox but Dan's cleans are awesome (play the sample to hear his clean vox). - Metal_Treasure

9 Storm - The Devin Townsend Band

This song is when Devin Townsend uses his clean operatic voice - Metal_Treasure

10 Surrounded by Night - Into Eternity

Stu Block of Iced Earth with his ex-band: a song with clean melodic vocals only. - Metal_Treasure

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