Best Songs from Mike Shinoda's Post Traumatic


The Top Ten

1 Watching as I Fall UListen to Sample
2 Promises I Can't Keep Promises I Can't Keep
3 Running from My Shadow UListen to Sample
4 Over Again UListen to Sample
5 Crossing a Line UListen to Sample
6 Nothing Makes Sense Anymore UListen to Sample
7 Hold It Together UListen to Sample
8 I.O.U. UListen to Sample
9 Brooding (Instrumental) Brooding (Instrumental)
10 Ghosts

This is my second, just got beaten by Promises I Can't Keep
1. Promises I Can't keep
2. Ghosts
3. Worlds fire
4. Running from my shadow
5. Nothing makes sense anymore or Watching as I fall - Rathernotbenamed

I thought this was one of the best in the album...
Come on guys...

UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Can’t Hear You Now UListen to Sample
12 Lift Off Lift Off
13 Prove You Wrong UListen to Sample
14 Place to Start UListen to Sample
15 About You UListen to Sample
16 Make It Up as I Go UListen to Sample
17 World’s on Fire UListen to Sample
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1. Watching as I Fall
2. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
3. Crossing a Line
1. Crossing a Line
2. Promises I Can't Keep
3. Can’t Hear You Now
1. Watching as I Fall
2. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
3. Brooding (Instrumental)

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Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic (Review)

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